French Family Immersion in Lot-et-Garonne + Pool (Option Horse Riding)

€1300 per week

  • Lessons: 15 hours
  • Excursions/Tours: 2
  • Meals: 3 per day
  • Room: Private room & bathroom
  • Max Guests: 1 couple + 1 kid
  • Teaches Kids: Yes
  • Other: Pool. Optional horse riding. Pets welcome.

Immerse yourself in this cultural yet rustic region of France and discover what it is to live among a true French family. Your hosts Pierre and Isabelle are both French teachers, and their 2 sons also speak French and English. Life in the Lot-et-Garonne is close to nature: hikes on bikes, foot or horses (they own 3), cooking with garden produce, movie watching in the family home theater, playing with the kids and the dogs. Reconnect with a simpler lifestyle while improving your French under the guidance of two experienced French teachers.

French Immersion Residential Program in France

Bonjour and welcome to our home.

Located in the countryside, our home is very peaceful and quiet. We have a large organic vegetable and fruit garden, which produce I use to cook (I, Pierre, will be your main instructor and I also do most of the cooking in our house).

learn french in france immersion at teacher's home

My wife Isabelle is also an experienced French teacher, and my two sons Loeiz (14) and Vivien (10) are fluent in French English just like us, since we all lived in England for a while.

We enjoy a simple, nature-oriented way of life. When our sons are not in school, we all go for long hikes with our two dogs (Elouk the Husky and Joy the Jack Russell).

We also own two outdoor cats and three gentle natured horses. Isabelle is an experienced and passionate rider and you are welcome to make arrangements to ride with her during your stay.

We are all excited to welcome you – traveling alone or with your family – in our renovated bastide (farm of the Lot et Garonne region) and let you experience a true French familial immersion, and of course, help you progress in French!

Mon fils vivien 10 ans avec Joy et notre husky Elouk

Your Room and Private Bathroom in France

In our house, we can accommodate up to 3 people sharing the same room and bathroom in a large bed for two + a single bed if need be, but arrangements can be made with a friend who lives nearby should you come with more people.

Your room is a very private en-suite with a double bed, private bathroom with bathtub, sink and toilet.

Recently renovated, this part of the house used to be stables: the room is warm in winter, and stays cool in summer because of the large walls. You’ll enjoy a nice view of the garden and surrounding countryside, lots of sunshine especially in the morning since it faces South. There is wifi in your room as well as throughout the house.



The rest of the house is rustic but comfortable. We all have our bedrooms, a large living room where I sometimes teach, and then the “plus” room is a comfy home movie theater where we all crash to watch movies together. We have Netflix and other subscription channels and are all movie buffs. We then enjoy discussing the movies with our students.

learn french in france immersion at teacher's home

There is a large hearth/fireplace in the dining room and we like to make fires in the evening, as we all enjoy the meal I’ll prepare.


I really enjoy cooking and I mostly use the produce we grow ourselves in our garden. I’ll take you to the neighborhood markets to supplement the meals – it’s also a great way to practice your French!

You are of course welcome to cook with me, and I will be happy to adapt my cuisine to particular diets. Just let me know what you like.


Honestly, we spend a lot of time outside the house – the whole countryside is our backyard. We do a lot of hike, on foot, bikes (we can lend you 2 bikes), horses.

We also have a simple but practical above ground swimming pool which is enjoyable during the summer months.


When the weather is warm (which is often the case in this sunny region of France), we eat outside, on the patio.


Our house is strictly non smoking inside.

Smoking is tolerated outside on the terrace – I myself may enjoy one or two cigarettes a day – my guilty pleasure.

The Lot-et-Garonne Region

The nearest village (2km away) is called Monteton. It’s a tiny typical village of the region, with 2 restaurants but no shop.

People there are very friendly and are always interested in meeting newcomers – it’s easy to strike up a conversation. We are located 15 km from of the city Marmande which offers all kind of activities: swimming pools, movie theaters, restaurants, shops, gyms…

The countryside around us is breathtaking: you’ll find authentic and rustic French landscape with flowering prune trees in spring, and sunflowers in the summer. The Mediterranean is not that far (1h30 by car) so the climate is usually mild all year-round, and it’s warm and sunny in summer.

learn french immersion in france

There are many charming villages and medieval castles around (Bonaguil, Duras, Biron…).

learn french immersion in france 

If you are interested, there are also fantastic grottos to visit – although as I already said, we are mostly above ground enjoying all the activities nature has to offer: hiking, rock climbing, horseback or bike riding but also many water sports such as canoeing or kayaking.

learn french immersion in france

You’re also welcome to just hang and relax, stay home by the fireplace or in the pool, and read a good book… whatever you may like, we’ll show you a good time!

Practical Info About Your French Immersion Residential Course

If you don’t plan on renting your own car, I will come pick you up at the Bordeaux, Bergerac or Toulouse airport.

The Standard One Week (7 days, 6 nights) Stay Includes:

My program is as flexible as you want it to be. Prices vary depending on what exactly you would like your stay to be, but this example gives you an idea:

  • 15 hours tuition – usually 3 hours in the morning over 5 days.
  • As much (or as little) homework as you want: listening activities, preparation for conversation/discussion, structured reading…
  • Accommodation in your own en-suite room with a double bed, a bathtub, sink and toilet.
  • 3 meals a day with me, Isabelle and the kids (when they are not in school) unless you prefer to take off on your own.
  • 2 accompanied excursions or cultural activities during the weekends – eg. a visit of some of the castles of the region, or a long hike in the countryside + picnic, or a visit of the city of Bergerac or other with lunch in a simple restaurant – according to your interests.
  • Prefered arrival date on Sunday, departure on Saturday.

The price with these options is 1300 euros per week for one person.

For one additional guest, the price per week is:

  • Euros 315 in full board, without lessons or excursions,
  • Euros 805 in full board with shared lessons and excursions.

There are other options with more tuition / a longer excursion /no excursion… I am flexible, and can adapt to special requests.

My goal is to of course help you improve your French, but also experience a true familial time in France. You’ll hang out with our kids, play with our pets, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the untouched countryside, and relax in the warmth of our home.

Horseback Riding

We have three very friendly horses. My wife Isabelle is a great rider and we can definitely go for rides. We’ll need to make arrangements prior of your stay, so if you are interested in riding with us, please let me know.

mon épouse isabelle avec la jument Abitibi en randonnée

French Immersion and Ski / Snowshoe Stay  in the Pyrenees

We also own a house in the Pyrenees, and would be very happy to organize a French immersion / mountain vacation there in the winter time. We’ve done it many times and our students loved it. Please see with me directly for details.

Many of my students have come over to our house time and again: we consider them good friends now, and I hope we will say the same about you one day.

Mon épouse et moi

Contact Pierre – French Immersion Homestay Teacher

 Follow Pierre’s bilingual Articles On French Today, Where He Talks About His Beautiful Region.

Reviews From French Today’s Students

Chris – 2017 –  French Homestay in France

residential immersion in france

I spent a great week with Pierre and his lovely family at the beginning of October 2017 and it was everything I had hoped for.

I live in Canada (a native English speaker). I have been working fairly consistently at improving my high school french over the past five years and have managed to reach a C1 level. Having previously enrolled in several French immersion courses in France for adults, which were all superb, I decided that this year it was time to try something new, and perhaps a bit more intense. The bucolic rural setting, the farm, the family and pets and the accommodation provided were all lovely. It was the perfect opportunity to relax from a faster pace of life and at the same time study hard. Pierre is an exceptional teacher and customized our daily morning grammar lessons to my needs and often taught me things that one cannot find in text books and also gave a slightly different perspective on some of the more difficult grammar points which were invaluable.

The opportunity to be completely immersed and to speak only in French for a week makes a significant difference to ones fluidity of speech. On our visits to neighboring Bastides and on our country walks with their dogs Joy and Éluc, Pierre shared his passion and knowledge of the local history which was fascinating.

It was an invaluable experience!

Carol – 2017 – Immersion in France at Teacher’s Home

residential immersion in france

I stayed with Pierre and Isabelle for 10 days in early September this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with their lovely family.

If you are looking for a very quiet place to study and learn, with a great deal of one-on-one attention, then this is the place for you.

Pierre quickly figured out my strengths and weaknesses and tailored the morning lessons to my needs and then assisted me through the day in my attempts to communicated in French.

I read French fairly well but never had any education in speaking it.  This experience gave me more confidence and Pierre taught me many present usage constructions which were quite helpful.

The videos in the loft were great and I am committed to getting more French language films at home as I think that really helps the learning process.  I have watched some films in the past with English subtitles, but Pierre’s films had French subtitles and the difference was amazing for helping me to think in French.
Pierre goes out for fresh food almost everyday, as well as utilizing fresh vegetables from the garden and the meals were very tasty and healthy.  I have a gluten intolerance and a couple of other food allergies, and he was extremely accommodating.

The accommodations are large, airy, private and very clean.

I also enjoyed the children who are extremely well-behaved and friendly.

The dogs and cats and horses rounded out the family experience beautifully.

Gladys – 2017 –  French immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french in immersion in france lot et garonne teacher's homestay

I awoke at 3 AM at home in Denver and started conjugating, “je devrais, j’aurais dû, je pourrais, j’aurais pû…”  This is the result of jet lag plus a week of immersion training with Pierre: the lasting desire to speak French!

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect when I bought my plane tickets and wired my deposit. Could I spend a week speaking French? Was this a big mistake? Did Pierre and Isabelle exist?!

Happily, they do, and this was a fantastic experience – difficult and a little stressful because it’s hard to learn a language as an adult, but overall I am inspired to keep trying.

Pierre becomes your personal tutor; he adjusts each day’s topics to address your weaknesses and interests. Though perhaps he could not tell from my labored conversation, by the end of the week I know my French comprehension soared. He’s an excellent and patient teacher, and will lead you as far into the grammar jungle as you desire. He makes it fun too, with the option of films and Scrabble in French. (I lost.)

We travelled through the countryside to see chateaux and bastides and a phenomenal marché, which enhanced both my vocabulary and my knowledge of medieval SW France. Through his encouragement, I intend to continue my learning through online dialogues and resources, even if it’s only “5 minutes a day”. ;)

learn french in immersion in france lot et garonne teacher's homestay

The location is rural but if you like gardening and starry nights and plenty of animals, you will feel at home. The house pets are incredibly friendly and I enjoyed walks through the plum orchard with the dogs, as well as some unsuccessful but adventurous mushroom-hunting.

The chickens and the horses are just outside your door. In season, you can pull figs, apples, peaches and plums off the trees.

Isabelle and I generally spoke about our mutual horse passion over a glass of wine before dinner, and their good-natured kids seemed unfazed by yet another stranger mangling their language.

Meals often featured vegetables directly from the garden, like potatoes, beans, and delicious tomatoes, and I always felt well-fed.

The bedroom is large, sunny and quiet, and seriously, I slept better than I do at home.

But it boils down to Pierre: not to make him blush, but he is extremely kind, calm, knowledgable, interesting, welcoming, and super-generous with his time.

Je te remercie mille fois, Pierre!

Rossita & son Aylor (13) – 2017 –  French immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french immersion homestay france brittany

My 13 year old son and I visited Pierre and his family this summer with the hope to improve our spoken French and to spend some time away from city life.

The place where they hosted us is a charming remodeled farm house in a very peaceful rural setting.  The nearest village is Monteton, about 10 min bike ride in a landscape reminiscent of Van Gogh’s paintings.  The family was very sweet to land me a bike and it felt neat to peddle up the route often taken by Tour de France cyclists.

The stay with the family itself was a true delight.  They were super accommodating and attentive to all of our needs and whims, be that food, activities or lesson times.  They went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and even arranged for a game of tennis for my son.  We loved the opportunity to ride their horses, the sightseeing trip, the visit to the grotto.
We only stayed at Pierre’s for one week but due to the continuous immersion in the family’s life this had an unbelievable effect on our French comprehension.  The day we were about to leave I felt like I was finally able to understand most of a conversation between Pierre and his wife :)
Pierre is a professor of French and fluent in English which makes him the best teacher one can wish for.  He accommodated my son and I for separate lessons, regardless of the fact that this was somewhat challenging on his schedule.  Due to the fact that Aylor and I were at different levels in our learning of French this worked great for us.
My son and I had a great experience and my son already voiced his wish to return the following summer.
I recommend Pierre’s immersion school to anyone interested in combining learning and traveling for fun.

Linda – 2017 –  French immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french in immersion in france

My week with Pierre and his family was one of the outstanding experiences in my life.

I was very relaxed and learned a great deal in the morning classes, with the opportunity to practice the rest of the day in the immersion homestay. Pierre assessed my strengths and weaknesses in French during the weekend I arrived  while we visited  the Chateau de Biron and local small towns. He then organized my class specifically  for me.

Accommodations  in a private room with private bathroom are excellent.

I enjoyed meeting and speaking with Pierre’s lovely wife Isabelle, as well as meeting his two children and the friendly dogs and cats. Although I didn’t take advantage of riding Isabelle’s horses, I enjoyed watching them in the field.

Pierre is an excellent cook in addition to being an excellent teacher. We had simple delicious meals prepared with fresh local ingredients.

As an artist I appreciated the lovely setting of home and countryside. Meeting a few local residents with the opportunity to have more French conversation was also a plus.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this immersion with Pierre and his family for anyone at any level of French. For me, it was a very special and unforgettable experience.

Diogo et Catherine – 2017 –  French immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french in france immersion teacher's home

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful experience with Pierre and his family in Lot en Garonne.

We had not done this type of immersion before and we were a little bit nervous about this “French adventure”. But it turned out to be one of our best vacations and an extremely positive experience, both for advancing our french language skills and for understanding french culture and everyday life.

Pierre and his family were warm and welcoming hosts. We enjoyed our regular morning classes as we sat together at the kitchen table, sipping tea and speaking French. Then we could relax in the afternoon in this tranquil, country setting.

The calm and unhurried atmosphere of their home seemed the perfect environment for learning.

We appreciate so much all Pierre’s effort – not to mention his culinary talents! – to provide an unforgettable week.

We are sure to repeat this experience again.

Jill – 2017 –  French immersion in France

learn french in france immersion teacher's home 6

It was with some trepidation that I arrived in Bordeaux in mid-march 2017. After all, the arrangements for my one week stay were all done online – would my expectations be met?

I had flown from Perth in Western Australia and my knowledge of the French language very basic, and the way of life vastly different. My week was wonderful! Pierre and his wife Isobel and their two sons were so easy to get along with and could not have made me feel more comfortable sharing their beautiful rustic French farmhouse with attached stone barn.

French Lessons
We spent three intensive hours every morning between 9 – 12 noon. I am in my 60’s but Pierre is extremely patient and has the best sense of humour that I have ever encountered in France. This is the way to really learn “the French way” and I would advise anyone, any age, to participate in an immersion experience. Your language skills will improve in a short space of time AND it is enjoyable!

Living with the family
This was a joy and I learnt so much about how a typical French family living in a rural area conduct their daily life. I had the opportunity to be included in all activities and encouraged to ask any questions about anything.

Pierre is a brilliant cook and the food is so good, healthy but yummy, and our dinners were something I looked forward to every day. Any food/drink preferences were well catered for. You are encouraged to converse in French but if it gets too hard your native language is ok. Very fond memories of sitting next to the fire, eating, drinking and talking.

My room in the house
Lovely, very large with bathroom, good storage, great views, excellent heater, comfortable bed and private, as away from other bedrooms. The house is full of character and situated in a beautiful farming area amongst prune orchards.

Culture, outings
Pierre took me to several interesting places and areas. Sunday there are no French lessons so Pierre took a me to a lovely town where we wandered through the street market, had a fantastic restaurant lunch – oh the duck, highly recommend. Then to Chateau Biron which is a definite “must” then on to many other sites, all very French and highly recommended. This was a great day! Some afternoons we visited other sites of interest as well as THE BEST chocolate shop; I am a chocolate connoisseur and this is as good as anywhere in the world.

Isobel and the horses
Isobel and I share a passion for horses and both have our own hoses and ride frequently. Isobel was so obliging and we were able to have a few “horse” experiences.

Pam – 2017 –  French immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french immersion in france teacher home

In April I had the good fortune to spend 2 weeks with Pierre and Isabelle. My experience could not have been better! The Dagrons are incredibly friendly and laid-back. The warm welcome and genuine hospitality made me feel “at home” from the very first hour.

My goal was to speak French tout le temps, and that is exactly what happened at Chez Dagron. Pierre completely focused on my oral skills. The “learning” went on all day: from breakfast until bedtime, I was able to converse and improve my French.

Living with a family in a beautiful rural area was a bonus, and I’m grateful that Pierre and Isabelle shared their daily life with me.

The presidential race was in full swing so there was much to discuss. Movies at night, excellent excursions to markets, villages and chateaux…I was never bored and the time flew by. I even learned to play Tarot (tres amusant, although I was toujours la grande perdante).

The accommodation is very comfortable with a good bed and lots of light. Pierre is an excellent cook and all of the meals were fresh and delicious.

It was a delightful experience and I can’t wait to return next year!

Doris – 2017 –  French immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french immersion in france teacher home

“I am glad to have done this immersion homestay with Pierre and Isabelle’s family. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Living a French way of life in the countryside would not be possible if I were just visiting France as a tourist. So I thank Pierre and his family for welcoming me into their family.

I enjoyed every aspect of my stay. The ambiance was calm and peaceful. Their house is beautiful. The bedroom is as depicted in the photographs. Pierre cooked healthy food with fresh local produce (salad and olives from his own garden!). I actually ate healthier and slept better at their place than at my own home!

Pierre has helped me to get over a language-learning plateau. He pointed out my weaknesses and addressed those grammar and pronunciation topics during the morning lessons. I also appreciate that he highlighted certain grammar and usage that are frequently deployed in French. That was very useful. I am now more ready to express myself beyond very simple sentence structures.

I also feel that my ears are opened up and I understand a lot more than before. Even my regular French teacher at home noticed that I speak French faster and more fluently now.

A massive thank you to Pierre! I miss the family (and the pets!) and I would very much love to practise French with Pierre again next year.”

Roger and Liz – 2017 –  French immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

french immersion learn french in France at teacher's home

We have been taking a French course every week (1.5 hours) since we moved permanently to Finistere from the UK four years ago, but we felt that we were not making enough progress. We did not have the confidence to speak French when we had the opportunity and we were finding grammar and pronunciation particularly difficult. We felt that a week of intensive study tailored to our own requirements would be the best way to make more significant progress.

On the Saturday afternoon and Sunday at the start of the course Pierre took us on visits to two chateau, a Sunday market and another very nice old village where we had lunch. It was an excellent way to break the ice and prepare for the week.

During the week of lessons we covered a lot of grammar, pronunciation and verbs in particular but just as importantly we were able to practice speaking French in a relaxed environment where we could have our mistakes corrected. Throughout the week we had many interesting conversations during lunches and dinners with Pierre and his family, who could not have made us feel more welcome.

In the evenings we had the opportunity watch French films, which we were then able to discuss the next day. We became much more confident with conversations as the week progressed.

Although the course was quite intensive, every aspect of the week was also very enjoyable and it was just an excellent and relaxed learning environment. We certainly believe that our French has progressed significantly and in particular we are much more confident when writing, reading and speaking French. We have a lot more confidence that French people will actually understand us!

We would definitely recommend the course for those who want a holiday with a difference and wish to significantly improve their understanding of the French language in a short time.

Lorri – 2017 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french in france immersion teacher home

I was happy to spend a week with Pierre and his family in February 2017. I was a little apprehensive at first as I never done anything like this before in my life. This was completely out of my comfort zone. Pierre knew that my weak point is speaking and understanding the french language. Even though I have been studying for years , I have been studying written french which is really quite different.

If you really want to live with a french family and learn their way of life and push yourself to the next level, I would highly recommend a week or longer with Pierre and his family.

The area is really lovely with orchards of plum trees, hazelnuts, along with sunflowers and wheat fields. Even in February the wheat is really green and looks like a lush lawn.

french immersion teacher homestay france

Their life is simple compared to my crazy hectic life in Connecticut. Every morning we started with traditional french breakfast with homemade prune jam followed by a structured lesson for about 3 hours, although the whole became a lesson because I was interacting, having to pose questions and for me, my biggest weakness, comprehension.

french immersion teacher homestay france

The whole family made me feel at home. We watched french films with french subtitles which really is a useful tool for comprehension and reading french as it is spoken. I really enjoyed our evenings in their loft with their home theatre and big screen. We went on two different châteaux and a wonderful medieval village.We ate outside a restaurant here where I had the best duck breast I have ever eaten in my life ! Pierre also drove some the cute villages along the way so that I could see them. It was a wonderful day !

I learned so much in this one week stay with this wonderful family (I also made good friends with the dogs and the cats). My french teacher at home even noticed the difference in my confidence in speaking. I would love to return for another visit !

Angela and Steeve – 2017 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french in france immersion teacher

Frustrated by my lack of progress in speaking French, we searched for an authentic French experience, where we would be encouraged and abetted in our pursuit of the French language.

Pierre, Isabelle and their two boys welcomed us into their family, not to mention the menagerie of wonderful pets and animals on the farm. What could be daunting, to take up residence with strangers, the Dagron family made a completely warm and welcoming experience.

Pierre’s lessons and his never ending patience allowed my husband and I to improve our French. We had a formal two hour morning lesson, followed by a day of French conversation learning idioms as we went along. We shared afternoons and evenings in conversations, covering film, culture, politics, food.

The surrounding countryside was lovely, the food simple and delicious, and of course, the wine. Throw in a chateau or two and you have the total experience.

My first night home, I dreamt in French, so, the experiment was a success.

Scott – 2017 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

study french in immersion in france pays lot et garonne teacher home

I spent three weeks at Pierre and Isabelle’s charming country home.

Pierre instructed me in a full French language immersion course over those three weeks. I was attempting to increase my level from basic to working French. I had tried several different methods and another instructor before I arrived, but consistent immersion in the language is the best approach.

We covered the majority of the subjects needed to accomplish my goals. The course was well structured, with formal lessons mixed with topical conversations, and informal discussions and learning in the evening. It was quite intense.

I left with plenty of topics to continue to review and study. Most of all, I gained some confidence in regular conversations in French. Pierre would continue to remind me of my weaknesses so I could correct as we had covered.

The location is ideal for intense learning. I was able to concentrate easily, with few distractions, and enjoyed the afternoon walks among the prune trees of the area. Pierre was flexible with my learning style and goals.

Pierre, Isabelle, and their two sons, were incredibly welcoming to me. They invited me to become a part of their daily routine, including meals, going to the market, and evening films in the loft.

It was a pleasant three weeks. Hopefully I can do some work in French soon, and if I ever need a refresher course, I will return to Pierre without question.

Thank you to the entire Dagron family for a memorable stay and some actual progress in my French!

Marshall – 2016 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french in immersion in france teacher house

I had a wonderful week living with Pierre and his family in early December, 2016.

Pierre met me just outside the arrivals area at the airport in Toulouse, and I knew right away that things would be just fine, despite my anxieties about meeting and living with people I had never met, along with my level of French comprehension and expression.

I felt welcome and comfortable. I received far more instruction and attention than I expected. Everything seemed interesting, and I wish now that I had been able to arrange for a two week stay, I was a little sad to leave!

I loved the family, the old farmhouse, the countryside, the several warm sunny days (in December!) when I could take a break on the patio with a coffee, observing the antics of the animals.

I expect I will arrange to return again for another immersion experience, because the week really kick-started my interest and resolve in learning French, and getting to know France!

I recommend Pierre without reservations!

Thank you Pierre and family!

Jeremy – 2016 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

immersion french homestay in france

If you are looking for the perfect conditions to improve your French in the perfect setting, you won’t find a better than being welcomed into Pierre and Isabelle’s home.

The relaxed environment allowed me to enjoy learning both in lessons with Pierre as well as speaking over wide ranging topics of conversation during the rest of the time in the French countryside…also if you love film there is no better place to stay with their depth of knowledge and a wonderful home created mezzanine cinema.

Exploring around their home and the towns and castles in the area only added to the experience and both Pierre and Isabelle were on hand for anything you could possible need….they also have the friendliest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

I enjoyed the food and company served up on an unforgettable week that has acted as a fantastic launchpad to really progress in French…I can’t thank the Dagron family enough for a memorable stay.

Michelle and Martin – 2016 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

immersion in france at french teacher home residential homestay

My husband and I recently spent a week with Pierre and his charming family. We were a little apprehensive at first, but Pierre quickly put us at our ease. His impressive command of the English language enabled him to explain French grammar and commonly used phrases in a clear and interesting way.

We were made to feel very welcome and comfortable in Pierre and Isabelle’s home. All our meals were prepared for us and they were well cooked and wholesome. Meal times were spent “en famille” when we often engaged in lively and amusing discussions.

During the week, Pierre took us to

  1. a delightful local market;
  2. on a tour of the beautiful chateau at Duras;
  3. and to a wine exhibition, followed by a wine tasting.

These trips gave us the opportunity to practice our French under Pierre’s expert guidance.

A thoroughly enjoyable and useful week.

We now feel far more confident in speaking French on our frequent trips to France.

Rachel – 2016 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

learn french in france immersion teacher

I wanted to start learning French to further my work opportunities for the future.

I arrived at Pierre’s with only a few words and phrases I picked up from movies and an app on my phone.

Within the week, I learned so much, from beginning to understand grammar to different pronunciations and learning a great deal of new vocabulary.

I enjoyed the whole experience, from the structured learning time to the trips out and about, seeing the beautiful area surrounding Pierre and Isabelle’s home. I felt very much immersed in Pierre’s family and it was a delight spending time with Pierre, Isabelle and their two boys, Loeiz who is very sensible and Vivian who is super cute.

I really appreciated learning French in such a joyful way. Thank you Pierre and Isabelle.

Ono – 2016 – French Immersion in France

learn french in france immersion teacher

I stayed with the Dagrons for a week not entirely sure what to expect.

My French was not even basic and I started to learn new words the moment Pierre picked me up from the airport.
By the time I left, I was able to dictate conversations and was responding in French without thinking.

Pierre figured out my weakness straight away and focused on bringing up the level with patience.
He also recommended me some material so that I can keep working on it after I left.

I had a wonderful time hanging around and following the normal daily routine.
Being away was already a treat for me, and I am so glad that I decided to spend the week with them.


Jill an Cricket – 2016 – French Immersion Homestay in France

learn french in france immersion teacher house program

We have had a wonderful experience here with your family ! Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to my daughter and I this week. Your kindness and hospitality knew no bounds. We can never repay that, but our home in New-Orleans will welcome you.

Virginia – 2016 – French Immersion Homestay in France Lot-et-Garonne

french immersion at teacher's home in france

I spent a very happy week with the Dagron family improving my French and enjoying the beautiful countryside and relaxing life of summer in Lot et Garonne.

I was made to feel very welcome by the whole family, including the animals.

A highlight of my stay was learning to play the French card game tarot – lots of fun.

Pierre cooked us delicious meals with produce from the garden.  The tomatoes were really good and the grapes were the best I have ever tasted.

We went for lots of walks and visited some pretty villages around the area. We also visited an old water mill and learnt quite a bit about the history of the waterways and the region.

Pierre is a very good french teacher.  He was good at finding my weaknesses and I finished my week with much more confidence in speaking French than I had before.

I’d love to return next year to renew my acquaintance with the family and further improve my French.  Merci à tous.

Deborah – 2016 – French Immersion at Teacher’s Home in France

french immersion in france at teacher's home

This is my second visit with Pierre and his family.

The first time, I learned the sentence structure and started pronouncing the words and phrases.

This time, I heard the differences in all the sounds. My pronunciation has gotten better. I’m also able to form and say complete sentences.

My understanding is getting better and will come with time.

The experience with Pierre isn’t only about the classroom lessons: it’s also about meeting people and understanding the local culture. This time we met Jean-Pierre and learned about drying plums to make “des pruneaux”.

Looking forward to returning next year. A bientôt !

Miranda and kids – 2016 – French Immersion Homestay in France Lot-et-Garonne

french immersion in france

My two children (aged 7 and 9) and I stayed for 10 wonderful days with Pierre and Isabelle and their family this summer. I had been a little apprehensive about organising such a trip online. I needn’t have been. Pierre and his family couldn’t have been more welcoming and generous in their hospitality.

Pierre and Isabelle really went out of their way to make us feel part of the family, and the children had a lovely time with Vivien and Loiz.

french immersion in france
It is quite a challenge to teach holidaying children French – but Pierre handled it brilliantly, devising really fun ways of learning French that engaged even my 7 year old. It was great to be out and about too with Pierre and the family, visiting local castles, and festivals, horse riding and canoeing too. I hadn’t thought my school-girl French was salvageable but it improved dramatically thanks to Pierre and Isabelle’s patience.

french immersion in france

It was a such a pleasure to get to know them all. Thank you for a really wonderful stay.

Deborah – 2016 – French Immersion in France Lot-et-Garonne

french immersion at teacher's house in france

I decided to learn french earlier this year. I have made several trips to France and I didn’t like the fact that I could only say « Bonjour » and « Bonsoir ». I met a French colleague of my husband’s who inspired me to learn the language. I currently can speak italian with enough to get by.

I knew that italian and French are Latin based languages ; however I didn’t realize how closely the words are related!

I arrived at Pierre and Isabelles’ house thinking that I didn’t know much. Pierre realized that I knew more than I thought! He made me see the connections and « Voilà ! » my vocabulary increased greatly.

His family is very considerate: his boys are well behaved and quiet by my standards. His animals, the dogs, the cats and horses added to the country ambiance.

Pierre prepared three meals a day using fresh ingredients from his garden or the local market.

I came to his house thinking that I would only learn a few basic phrases and I have met with so much more than that!

Dominique K – French Immersion in France

IMG_20160406_123720966 (1)

I very much enjoyed my two weeks in Monteton, with Pierre and his family. Pierre is a gifted teacher and given the nature of the concept – living with Pierre and his family and at the same time learning a language – I could immerse in the language and learnt a lot!

Lessons were adjusted to my needs as well as the level of French language skills and during my “free” time, I very much enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of Monteton. For me it was the perfect place and methodology to learn French.

If you wish to dive into French and like to learn a language in a natural environment and be trained by an engaged teacher, you should sign-up with Pierre. Thank you Pierre and your family again for the fantastic time and the great learning experience!

Mark and Christina H – French Immersion Homestay in France

de gauche à droite, moi-même, mon épouse, Chris et Mark Harisson

Pierre, you were so patient and flexible, your business was in a charming setting with animals and nature all around. You have a wide range of interests, and we had many discussions as a result.

Myself and my husband have been working with Pierre on our French conversation.  We have found Pierre to be an excellent teacher.  He is very good at adapting his teaching methods to the individual pupil and their requirements.  His lessons are always interesting and informative and I feel that my French has certainly improved under his tuition.

Noah L – French Immersion at Teacher’s Home in Lot-et-Garonne France


I am Swiss (Luzern), I am 17 years and I’ve spent 2 months with Pierre and his family.

I enjoyed a lot my stay, the place is lovely and it’s very quiet, the perfect place to learn french in a relaxed atmosphere. I was a very beginner in French before I came but I’m now able to understand and speak french in various situations thanks to this french immersion. In the future, for my future job in Swiss where French will be sometimes required, this will be essential.

Peter D- French Immersion in France

Mon épouse et Tigara, pur sang arabe.

I am British and retired to France a few years ago  with very little knowledge of the language. It was my intention to set about learning French immediately.

It was not until Pierre became my teacher that I made significant progress and rapidly. His teaching led me through the minefield of grammar in a logical, organised and structured series of lessons. I am delighted that I am now able to converse in French and amazed that I am also thinking in French.