French Immersion in Dordogne (+ Optional Yoga)

Visit picturesque Dordogne and enjoy a peaceful and enriching stay with Chloé, Laurent and their little girl Cassandre. Chloé (certified French and Yoga teacher) will provide you creative and tailor-made French courses and offer to share a relaxing time with Yoga classes. Laurent (native from Dordogne) will introduce you to very authentic places (prehistoric caves, legendary castles, refreshing rivers…) and will cook tasty fresh and local French food for you. Improve your French in an authentic French family and enjoying a true vacation.

French Immersion Residential Program in Dordogne, France

Bonjour and welcome to our house.

My name is Chloé (it’s pronounced Klo é), I am 29 and I am a native French teacher.

I got my Master’s degree in “Teaching French as a Foreign Language” in 2011 from the University of Rouen.

I taught several years for the French governmental institutions: “Alliance Française” and “Institut Français” in France (Bordeaux), in Morocco and in Malta. I am passionate about linguistics, teaching and discovering new cultures. So this is the perfect job for me!

In addition, I am a « Yoga addict ». Since my twenties, I have never stopped practicing and learning this ancient art and philosophy with different teachers and methods. So if you are interested, we’ll practice Yoga together in French.

My husband, Laurent, our daughter Cassandre and I live on a large former walnut farm (walnuts from Dordogne are very famous in France).

Laurent oversees the renovations of the different farm buildings, maintains the land, and he sells walnuts and other locally grown products on organic markets. We do know many local growers and farmers and will be happy to introduce you to them if you’d like.

Our daughter is a happy little girl. When we work, she stays with her nanny.

Laurent and I are both fluent in English but we do not use it during your stay unless you ask us to. Since we lived ourselves in different countries, we understand how challenging it can be to speak in another language. We’ll gently encourage you to speak French with us during the lessons, but also our daily activities and excursions. We’ll adapt our French to your level: you’ll get plenty of practice in French!

Your Room and Private Bathroom in France

Laurent’s grandfather built our house. We have been renovating while keeping its unique character.

French immersion in France Dordogne

Our choice of home furnishings is simple, with no fuss but comfortable. There is Wifi throughout the house.

learn french immersion in france dordogne

We can accommodate maximum 4 adults with 1 or 2 children.

The 2 students rooms are upstairs, they are quiet, spacious and bright :

Room 1 : one double bed with two bedside tables, a desk, a built-in wardrobe, a seat and a view over the meadow and the orchard

French immersion in France Dordogne

Room 2 : one double bed with two bedside tables, a sofa, a bunk bed (for a child), a desk, a view over the valley and the sunset

French immersion in France Dordogne

Your private bathroom and toilets are downstairs.

French immersion in France Dordogne

Laurent really enjoys cooking and the Dordogne region is famous for its incredible fresh produce such as portobello mushrooms and duck. Since we live on a farm, we grow many vegetables and fruits ourselves – and we have hens which provide fresh eggs.

Otherwise, we buy mostly locally grown and really fresh food at the local markets – Laurent sells our walnuts there, so he knows where to buy the freshest produce!

learn french yoga in france

We will be happy to adapt our cooking to your diet – vegetarian, more (or less) healthy… Just tell us what you like to eat and we’ll do our best to please you.

We do not smoke but people can smoke outside. Except for the three hens who are in the meadow or the henhouse, we don’t have any pets. So we can accept small and well behaved pets.

When it is warm, we eat in the garden. Actually, we spend a lot of time outdoors, gardening, playing pétanque or having an aperitif :-)

The Dordogne Region

Our house is surrounded by vegetation and it is located in a small typical village. There is a bakery and a grocery within walking distance, and well labeled paths to go hiking in the countryside.

There are several beautiful towns around us: Sarlat, Le Lardin, Terrasson, Montignac… with shops, cafés, restaurants, markets and everything you need.

learn french immersion dordogne

The « Vézère Valley » where we live is well known for its exceptional prehistoric sites and painting caves like « Lascaux ».

learn french immersion dordogne

We like outdoor activities ; swimming in the rivers, canoeing, sailing on the Causse Lake, hiking in the beautiful forests… and will be happy to take you visit the natural and scenic sites, medieval castles, and gorgeous gardens that surround us.

learn french immersion dordogne

If you are more adventurous we can arrange other activities like speleology, paragliding or hot-air balloon.

Practical Info About Your French Immersion Residential Course

One standard week (7 days – 6 nights) for one person includes :

  • 15 hours of french courses (usually 3 hours in the morning over 5 days) +  at the end of the stay, I will give you a report of your French courses + advice to go on improving your French with some references of useful websites and books
  • Full board – three meals a day that we’ll be happy to share with you unless you’d rather take off on your own.
  • Accommodation in one of the rooms above + your private bathroom.
  • 2 activities or tours (extra fees such as museum entries are not included)
  • Prefered arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday

The price with these options is 1300 euros per week for one person.

Since we have two guest rooms, we can accommodate up to 4 adults and two children, so you can come with your family or friends. 

For one additional guest, the price per week is:

  • Euros 315 in full board, without lessons or excursions,
  • Euros 805 in full board with shared lessons and excursions.

We will be happy to pick you up at :

  1. Brive-la-Gaillarde railway station (trains from Paris)
  2. Périgueux railway station (trains from Bordeaux)
  3. Bordeaux Airport and Bergerac Airport (with a small additional fee).

If you want to be more independant and to discover the area on your own, we suggest rent a car.

My program is very flexible. I will be happy to adapt to whatever kind of immersion stay best fits your personality and need: give more or less structured lessons, provide more tours or outside activities, less meals, be more or less present. Together, we’ll design the very best immersion stay for you.

Learn French and Yoga

learn french yoga in france

Yoga is more than a passion, it is a way of life. As I love teaching, it was only natural for me to share my yoga experience as well, so I became a certified yoga instructor with the « Fédération Viniyoga Internationale ».

There is a dedicated room in our house where I practice everyday and provide one-to-one or small group classes. You will not only work strength and flexibility but also focus and peace of mind, while developing your French listening skills !

In the summer we can practice outside, in the meadow while enjoying the birdsong and a wonderful sunset.

The price for one  yoga class is 25 euros per hour for you and/or your friends/family.

My Approach to Teaching French

I will design a French courses that suit your individual needs and interests – oral and written skills, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. I want to make the course both relevant and enjoyable, so I like to use interactive educational tools – quizzes, boardgames, playlet, flashcards, movies, and authentic documents.

It’s important for me to teach the “real” French language: French like people speak it in everyday situations, and the modern glided pronunciation.

An immersion with us will help you gain the French knowledge you need to get over your fear of speaking, and give you plenty of opportunity to practice your French with us and our friends, no matter your level.

We will do everything we can to make sure you will spend a excellent, relaxing and enriching  stay.

See you soon in Dordogne !

learn french immersion france Dordogne

Chloe and Stanislas, a Fantastic Duo of French Teachers

learn french in immersion in france teacher homelearn french in immersion in france teacher homelearn french in immersion in france teacher homelearn french in immersion in france teacher homelearn french in immersion in france teacher home

Chloé works with another teacher in the area: Stanislas. Stanislas, his wife Melanie and their 2 sons invite you in a large property in the vineyard area of Dordogne.

Their house, a former farmhouse, is entirely renovated and beautifully decorated. The student suite features a spacious and comfortable room with a sofa bed and up the ladder to the mezzanine, a large bed. Adjacent is a private bathroom with a bathtub.

Mainly vegetarians, Stanislas and his family embrace a healthy lifestyle, close to nature.They enjoy cooking their own locally sourced organic vegetables and produce. Stanislas has been teaching French to adult and children for 10 years. His light hearted approach to formal lesson as well as conversation enables quick progress.

Melanie is a yoga teacher and a healing masseuse. German born, she is French German bilingual: so are the kids. Since they lived and traveled around the world, Melanie and Stanislas are both fluent in English as well.

If you are interested in staying with Stanislas and his family, please use the form below and specify you’d like to stay with Stanislas.

The price for his program is the same as Chloe’s (15h French lessons with him, full board, 2 excursions is 1300 Euros for one person staying one week (7 days, 6 nights). Stanislas is able to accommodate one to six people traveling together. His wife Melanie will be happy to provide yoga sessions and massages. Please contact him with the form below for options and prices.

Contact Chloé and Stanislas – French Immersion Homestay Teachers

Reviews From French Today’s Students

Lynn – 2017 – French Immersion in France

learn french in france immersion teacher's home 8

Chloé and Laurent’s house in the country is a perfect place to study French.

They provided comfortable accommodations and you have access to them most all the time.

I went on a hike with both of them at separate times, which was a great way to practice French.

We also went to a farmer’s market and to the caves of Lascaux.

Although it is in the country, there is a lot to explore !

learn french in france immersion teacher's home 8

I enjoyed talking with them while making lunch and/or dinner, then long discussions during our meals. And their young daughter is adorable and fun to play with (another good way to practice!)

You really can engage as much as you want. I also spent time studying in my room.

I highly recommend Chloé, she is an excellent instructor.

Erin – 2017 – French Immersion in France

learn french in immersion in france dordogne

My stay with Chloé and her family was excellent. It was a great mix: from the one-on-one French lessons to general conversation in French while enjoying delicious meals to Yoga lessons in French. I genuinely enjoyed my stay and getting to know her and her lovely family. I learned so much.

Chloé was always respectful, patient, and helpful. Her husband, Laurent, was very patient and kind as well. He always spoke clearly and slowly for me, so I could understand.

We had lunch and dinner together each day where we engaged in conversation in French. They always spoke to me clearly and slowly. They were so respectful, kind, and supportive no matter how poor my speaking was.

I visited the famous Lascaux caves during my stay. Instead of doing a second excursion, I decided to do a yoga lesson with Chloé each day. While the lessons were in French, it was a great change from the formal lessons. I found it very helpful in recharging in order to tackle the afternoon French lessons.

We spoke French during my entire stay. Chloé, Laurent, and the adorable Cassandre and I interacted during the meals. I was able to learn about their walnut business, where they lived before, etc. during our conversations. It was great to learn more about them. Of course, I also spoke with Chloé in French during my lessons as well.

Laurent did a great job preparing all the food, and it was excellent. It was healthy but tasty. There were lots of fresh vegetables and fruits which was great. It was wonderful to experience some of the local dishes and products.

Laurent’s mother came to visit for a few days during my stay, so I was able to interact with her as well. I also met some other friends that stopped by one afternoon. We all enjoyed some delicious cake and went for a walk around the village.

Chloé prepared various different activities to do during my lessons. She was very receptive to that I wanted my main focus to be on improving my speaking. We did some exercises in workbooks, played some games, listened to audio/watched videos, etc. I usually had 2 hours of lessons in the morning and then 1 hour in the afternoon. I liked that split as it allowed me to have a bit of a break and recharge for the afternoon session.

Emily – 2017 – French Immersion in France

learn french in immersion in france dordogne

The family was very welcoming and made me feel at home immediately. Chloé kept the lessons interesting and amusing. She taught using different techniques that helped me learn quickly and easily. She was very knowledgeable and explained to me much about the French life.

We went grocery shopping together : the whole family with cousins and I spent an afternoon at the pool in Brive ; we dropped by to visit their friends on a farm and were warmly welcomed with drinks and a walk to visit the animals.

I went to Le Bournat with Chloé. I learned a lot about the French life during the 19th century while enjoying the rides and games at the Fête Foraine. I also visited Lascaux which is impressive to see.

The food was delicious. Chloé being mostly vegetarian, meals were filled with scrumptious legumes catering nicely to my vegetarian diet.

I met cousins, aunts, mothers, fathers, the neighbors… Everyone was very friendly and kindly paid attention when talking to me.

Evelyn – 2017 – French Immersion in France

learn french immersion france teacher homestay

Chloé is a superb teacher. She very quickly identified my needs and weaknesses and tailor-made a course to help me. She is always organised, motivational, cheerful, helpful, speaks clearly and slowly. I have made enormous progress and gained a lot of confidence in speaking French. She has given me a lot of tips to help me to continue improving, especially in speaking and pronunciation.

Chloé and her husband Laurent are a great team. Together, they have ensured I enjoyed my stay with them. The meals I have had with them are healthy and delicious and always fresh.

learn french immersion france teacher homestay

Dordogne is a beautiful region. The added bonuses of my 2 weeks immersion course are :

  • visiting some historical sites such as Lascaux Caves and Gouffre de Padirac.
  • attending a concert in a church
  • playing in their garden with little Cassandre and learning some kid language in French
  • running and discovering some beautiful landscapes in the area

I have achieved more than I ever imagined. I have made some new friends. Thank you Chloé and Laurent

Margaret – 2017 – French Immersion in France

learn french immersion france teacher homestay

The lessons with Chloé were very helpful and focused on my interests and « special needs », grammar and pronunciation. Her recommendations for further study will be useful.

My room was very nice and quiet with a great view, lots of light and comfortable bed.

The best point was the family interaction especially with the adorable Cassandre. I really liked meeting the neighbors – so friendly.

Laurent is very funny and smart. I liked our long walk and our political and historical discussions.

Julie – 2017 – French Immersion in France

learn french in france immersion teacher house

I spent a fantastic week at Chloé’s home.
The French courses were very interesting. The courses always focused on my favorite themes, so I was never feeling bored.
The distribution of French courses and spare time was perfect.
Besides, I had an opportunity to learn “Child French language” with Cassandre. She is so sweet!
learn french in france immersion teacher house
We walked a lot in surroundings and I was very happy to meet French inhabitants. There are many beautiful places and panoramic views not far from the village.
We celebrated Chloé’s birthday with her family, it was wonderful! I really felt like I be part of the family all week long.

Madeline – 2016 – French Immersion in France   

french immersion in france and yoga in dordogne                

I really enjoyed my week with Chloé and her family. I became much more comfortable in speaking French, and left feeling confident and motivated to continue learning.

I was very impressed with Chloé’s knowledge and experience in teaching French. She used several approaches and a range of different materials to cover pronunciation, vocabulary, and conjugations and to practice speaking, listening and reading skills.

As well as the lessons, living with a French family allowed me to pick up on other aspects… I now watch Peppa Pig en français!

During meal times, everyone was very attentive to use simpler phrases that I could understand.

When I was not in class, I enjoyed driving around the Dordogne area and visiting some of the beautiful sites and practicing my French as well. With a GPS, it was very easy to get around and many villages offer a tourist information centre, along with a boulangerie and pâtisserie for when you get hungry!

I would definitely recommend this course for anyone interested in learning or improving their French. »

Barry – 2016 – French Immersion in France

french immersion in france and yoga in dordogne

I was made very welcome by Chloe and Lauren and enjoyed my stay throughout.

They live in a beautiful little village with lovely surrounding countryside but within easy access also of Sarlat, Brive and Perigueux.

My stay was very relaxing and would say that French language lessons with Chloe were also very useful.

I Particularly enjoyed Chloe’s home cooking and ‘sympa’ ambience. 

Stefan – 2016 – French Immersion in France

french immersion in france and yoga in dordogne

It was very nice to always speak French with you, your family and the other people staying at the house. Even though we never spoke English, I feel like we learned a lot about each other’s lives.

The lessons were very good, and I use the handouts that you gave me. Now I listen to myself (after recording) and practice the pronunciation. I appreciate very much the Program (that you wrote up for me) and I bought the vocabulary book that you recommended

The most important thing for me was that I gained confidence in speaking French, and I know what I have to do to improve. 

Marlies – 2016 – French Immersion in France

french immersion in france and yoga in dordogne

I spent one week at Chloé and Laurent’s and I wish I could stay longer! My French improved a lot.

First because Chloé’s classes are very efficient — she can propose a lot of different ways to learn and understand one specific point and is always very engaging.

And second because I could practice what I had just learnt in real situation, when having lunch or small talks, with Chloé and Laurent who are so kind and smiling, but also with their wonderful daughter Cassandre.

With them, you can also go visit Lascaux Cave or Eyzie de Taillac or Hautefort Castle. These amazing sites are very close to their house which, by the way, is very nice and has a beautiful view on the valley.

I took a few yoga lessons because I wanted to discover it and it was great. And that was a good occasion to build my French anatomy vocabulary!

One week in the beautiful Dordogne region, learning a beautiful language, practising my mind and my body with fine people… I am already waiting to come back last year!

A très bientôt j’espère !