Basque Country French Immersion Program & Stay at Your Teacher’s Home

€1400 per week

* Immersion stays not subject to sales
  • Lessons: 10 hours
  • Excursions/Tours: 2
  • Meals: 3 per day
  • Room: Private room & bathroom
  • Max Guests: One guest or a couple, up to 2 guests traveling together.
  • Teaches Kids: Yes - age 15 and up
  • Other:

In the beautiful region of Bayonne, near the Pyrénées mountains and the Atlantic ocean (Biarritz), Myriam Rolando (a certified native French teacher who also speaks Spanish, English and Japanese) will teach you French and let you share her everyday life in the cozyness and safety of her house. Passionate about her region and its culture, her French immersion program offers many tours and excursions, as well as cooking classes – she is quite a chef!

French Immersion Residential Program in France

Bonjour, my name is Myriam. Welcome to my home.

I have been teaching French in immersion in my house forever! I was actually the first teacher to join this French Today program.

When you come for a French immersion homestay with me, you will spend a minimum of 5 hours in guided French communication per day.

I am a people person, and on top of the structured French lessons in the mornings, I will include you in my everyday activities as much as possible: we’ll cook and watch TV together, I’ll take you to the market, you’ll meet my friends and family. Just like having a French friend who you are visiting :-)

I recently had this house built and it has all the modern utilities and it is very comfortable, calm  and decorated in a typical French style.

learn french in french immersion at teacher home residential program

You are welcome to use the kitchen and store food in the fridge, and hang out in the living-room with me to watch TV, read..

learn french in french immersion at teacher home residential programlearn french in french immersion at teacher home residential program

Your Room and Private Bathroom in France

Your room is located in an attached extension of the house, so it’s very private and quiet.

It is spacious and well lit, has a large bed, a dresser, a desk with WIFI, a big window.

myriam's house

You will also enjoy a private bathroom with a large shower.

myriam's house

I’m sure you’ll find my house warm and welcoming :-)

The French Pays-Basque Region

Next to my house, you’ll find the cities of Biarritz, Saint-Jean de Luz, and the typical Basque villages of Aïnhoa, Espelette, Sare

Espelette va


You can easily get to Saint-Jean Pied de Port and Spain, or a bit farther Bordeaux, Pau, Lourdes, even Bilbao…

Practical Info About Your French Immersion Residential Course

I live in the village of Bayonne, which has lots of nice restaurants, shops and nice walks. It’s easy to visit the region using public transportation.

I don’t smoke and have no pets and unfortunately I cannot welcome yours.

All expenses are included except gasoline, entries in museum, lunch outside for excursions or unplanned activities you wish to add to the program. I’m very flexible and will be happy to arrange whatever you’d like, so just let me know if there are other things you are interested in.

One week (7 days, 6 nights) of French immersion in my home includes:

  • 2h x 5 days of private lessons, in the mornings
  • Accommodation in a private bedroom with wifi, private shower room (see pictures above)
  • Morning breakfasts with comments on current events or some topics necessary for better understanding
  • From Monday to Friday you’ll eat a copious lunch with me and maybe other family members, or my friends.
  • Dinner will be simpler: mostly fruits, cheese, bread and wine, and you are always welcome to dig in the leftovers. There is always lots of food in my kitchen :-)
    We’ll eat dinner together when I am around.
  • 2 afternoons a week: cultural or touristic tours in the area, with me or some French professional, or activities such as cooking lessons, movie watching with teacher…
    Customizable according to your own interests
  • With additional charge, we can plan a longer excursion to Bordeaux or Spain.
  • Prefered arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday.

For this immersion program, the cost is 1400 Euros per week per person.

Although I prefer hosting a single guest or a couple in the extension, I also have a guest room so I am able to accommodate two people traveling together in two different rooms.  

For additional guest, the price per week is:

  • Euros 315 in full board, without lessons or excursions,
  • Euros 805 in full board with shared lessons and excursions.

I can organise French lessons for everybody or just for one person.

learn french in french immersion at teacher home residential program

Myriam and Evelyne – A Fantastic Duo of French Teachers

Myriam often works with a friend and colleague, Evelyne, who also speaks English.

They often share students who come for a longer stay; it seems more interesting for immersion students to see two different families, to talk with several French people.

Evelyne lives with her husband Jean-Pierre, they have grown-up kids who often visit, and Evelyne follows the same program and applies the same prices as Myriam.

french immersion in france Pays basque

Whether you stay at Evelyn’s or not, chances are you’ll meet her: Myriam and Evelyn often regroup their immersion students for the afternoon excursions.

french immersion in france Pays basque  french immersion in france Pays basque

french immersion in france Pays basque

Contact Myriam/Evelyne – Your French Immersion Homestay Teachers

  • Please write a detailed message for the teacher including:
    1. Whether you’ll be traveling by yourself or with friends/family (and if applicable the number of people just staying at the teacher or also taking classes and a bit more about them)
    2. The duration of your desired immersion stay and whether you are flexible about the immersion dates
    3. A few details about yourself: your hobbies, your French learning goal, the kind of immersion you'd like (little/lots of homework, outdoor or more indoor activities), any food allergies or other problems you may have. The teachers will be opening their own home to you and although they’ll ask you more questions if they are able to fit you in, knowing a bit about you from the start would be really helpful and a huge gain of time.

Follow Myriam’s bilingual articles on French Today’s blog, where she talks about her beautiful region.

Reviews from students of French Today

Amy – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay and Lessons in Bayonne With Evelyne

french immersion homestay student in typical basque village in france

I just had a fantastic experience immersed in French with Evelyne .  She and her adorable husband Jean-Pierre opened their lovely home to me, fed me delicious meals, terrific wines of the nearby regions, took me on fascinating tours, and the best part of all, our morning lessons.

Evelyne is a great teacher! She had me write a story for each class, (which she would mark with her beloved red pen), and prepare an oral story as well. It became very clear to us what my weaknesses were, and as we were together so much, she could pay attention and offer corrections. That kind of intense work without a doubt improved my language skills.

I took myself on the bus to Biarritz and went to foreign films and spoke to shopkeepers without the fear that they might answer my inquiries in a French I couldn’t understand. I highly recommend this course and Evelyne!

Vera & Frank – 2018 – French Immersion in Bayonne With Evelyne

French Immersion in France with Teacher

Vera insisted that we needed at least a week’s intensive French while Frank was somewhat reticent. After all, what would it be like living in someone’s house for a week and being unable to escape daily scrutiny of one’s grammatical deficiencies? Just awful! But Vera prevailed and we found ourselves chez Evelyne and Jean-Pierre in early October 2018.

French Immersion in France with Teacher

First, the practical details.
Evelyne’s house in Anglet is ‘genial’, backing on to a lovely park. The area is lovely, close to beautiful Basque villages, the glamour of Biarritz, and a beautiful coastline with wonderful surf. There is a bus close by, running frequently between Biarritz and Bayonne. We enjoyed some beautiful, extended walks along the beaches. We stayed upstairs in a very spacious room with a good desk and excellent lighting, comfortable bed, our own shower and toilet, all nicely separated from our hosts. The Wifi was excellent – good enough for Frank to send out distress signals had the anxiety generated by his bad French became unbearable!

French Immersion in France with Teacher

Next, our hosts.
Both Evelyne and Jean-Pierre were charming, generous, informative, and entertaining hosts. They provided wonderful meals, good coffee, excellent wines from the region, and good conversation (in French of course which hurt our heads by the end of the day!).

French Immersion in France with Teacher

And lastly, the lessons.
The lessons were extremely useful. Evelyne is an excellent teacher and she soon found out exactly what we could do and couldn’t do. Our vocabulary wasn’t too bad, although Frank had to learn what expressions he should reserve for close friends! But our grammar was bad, especially our passé composé. We had ‘un-learned’ grammar after years of ‘getting by’ in France. So Evelyne set about the daunting task of re-establishing some structure for us, and getting us to think before diving in and murdering the French language. Evelyne did this with great patience, and with a mischievous and dry sense of humour. She even managed to put up with our jokes! So we learned our passé compose, and some specialist vocabulary (psychiatry for Vera and criminology for Frank) and, at the same time, found it fun.

French Immersion in France with Teacher

So, in the end, we learned a lot of French. We enjoyed the company of Evelyne and Jean-Pierre and the beautiful meals that Evelyne had prepared.

French Immersion in France with Teacher

And we visited some beautiful parts of Basque country. The latter was a challenge for Evelyne as we had visited this region several times before, and yet she still found new places we had not discovered before to delight us.

Mary – 2018 – French Immersion + Lessons with Teacher Evelyne

french immersion biarritz

I am relearning French after very many years. I got to a certain level and felt that I was no longer progressing. Then a friend told me about your programme and I decided to take the plunge
I was really quite nervous, but I needn’t have been.
Evelyne was so welcoming and immediately I felt at ease.
I had everything I could possibly think of in my lovely room in her lovely house.
I met her husband, Jean-Pierre, who was equally welcoming.

Evelyne and I spent the mornings at “lessons” :  Evelyne found where I needed help and loads more
She is a brilliant teacher.

In the afternoons we had trips out, either with Evelyne or her friend, Martine. They both were able to explain all about the history, culture of the area.
Sometimes I even took the local bus myself some, under careful instructions from Evelyne.

Le Pays Basque is a spectacular area of green countryside, pretty villages and, of course, the wildness of the Atlantic Ocean. I loved it!
Evelyne is a wonderful cook and made a point of producing local dishes for every meal.
There were amusing and animated conversations each lunch and dinner between Evelyne, Jean-Pierre and myself.

The week was a great success and I really hope I can go again!

Frances & Jonathan – 2018 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Evelyne

French Immersion in France

In late September, my husband and I enjoyed a week with Evelyn and her husband Jean Pierre.

My husband doesn’t speak French so I wasn’t sure how it would work out for him. But he rented a bike and, with the most delightful September weather, explored Biarritz, Anglet and the surrounding area.

Each morning we were treated to a very traditional breakfast of fruit, coffee and croissants! Then, Evelyne and I would settle down for 2 intense hours of study and conversation. It was filled with Evelyne strengthening concepts and me learning nuances as well as improving conversation fluency and increasing vocabulary. Evelyne always answered any questions I had in an effective way. The one on one experience was so valuable.

The conversation continued at each meal with husbands present. We were usually quite tired from a charged day but dinner was an especially enjoyable and relaxing time for us. In general, Jonathan was able to be a part of the conversations by me translating his questions to French. Super practice!

French Immersion in France

Evelyne created wonderful meals and Jean Pierre introduce a different regional wine each evening. You know there was cheese and fruit at the end!! Three aftenoons provided free time for us and we used them to further explore and discover the area and enjoy the ambiance of local cafés.

Two afternoons were spent with Evelyne’s friend, Martine, who guided us, on one day, through the coastal villages of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Ciboure and the cliffs to the south. The second excursion took us to the villages of Espellette and Ainhou. Wonderful! The Pyrennes were always in view!

By the end of the week, my husband couldn’t believe how easily I was speaking French.

Sadly, it was their 14 year old dog, Vanie’s last week. What a wonderful sweet pet she had been for them.

Thank you, Evelyne and Jean Pierre, for everything.

Josephine – 2018 – French Immersion in France with Teachers Myriam

immersion in france pays basque

I was extraordinarily lucky (owing to some unexpected circumstances) to experience a week with Myriam as teacher, her sister as hostess and her sister-in-law who gave us midday meals (delicious Basque specialties) and took my husband and me on wonderful excursions to various sites in the Basque region of France. For me, I had the experience of speaking French with four different people (Jean, Myriam’s brother, was also on hand occasionally) which fulfilled one of my greatest needs: to speak French with French people who don’t revert to English after the first sentence!

It is not just that Myriam is a superb teacher, but her warmth, her flexibility, her understanding of what I needed to improve my level made this week so worthwhile!

The whole week was a delight – Régine opened her beautiful house to us and provided delicious breakfasts and evening meals mostly in her magnificent back yard (the weather was so good); Danièle introduced us to Basque cuisine which we are now keen to pursue, and took us to Biarritz, Jean de Luz (where we saw the famous Belharra wave), Ainhoa and Espelette (of piment d’Espelette fame).

Myriam squeezed in an afternoon for us at a spa complex at a local hotel, so relaxing! On another afternoon, my husband and I were able to explore the historic and fascinating old town of Bayonne.
For anyone nervous about doing an immersion course on a one-to-one basis, don’t be, if you want to go to Bayonne. Myriam will put you at ease right away and somehow, you will find yourself speaking French and your nerves will drop away.

Thank you Myriam and family for a wonderful week.

Elizabeth – 2018 – French Immersion with Teachers Evelyne

French Immersion

I spent a super week with Evelyne  1-7 July 2018 in Pays Basques.  Evelyne was most welcoming and instantly put me at ease.

The accommodation at her home was perfect for me. I had lots of space and a lovely view over the garden.

My first day, Evelyne outlined the week for me, so I would know what to expect – as this was a first for me.  I really enjoyed all my study time with her. I looked forward to every session.  It was almost like chatting with a close friend, apart from the red pen!  But I did appreciate the grammar side of it all as well as the conversation. It helped me to assess my own level and where I can improve.

The excursions to St Jean de Luz and the small villages of Espelette & Ainhoa were great fun and Evelyne showed me everything and also explained how I could use local public transport to easily visit other places during my week.

I went out alone to visit Biarritz and Bayonne by bus and felt confident to make conversations with local people. The trams and bus service were great and very convenient.

I love sport and had looked up the very unusual game of pelote so Evelyne’s husband Jean Pierre kindly took me by car to see a local game. It was very well organised and great to watch.

On my last evening, we all went together to a local evening market on the beach near Anglet, just at sunset. We could see the lighthouse of Biarritz all lit up, truly magical.

I do hope I can do another immersion week sometime in the future and have recommended it to my French study group here in UK.

Olena – 2018 – French Immersion in France with Teachers Myriam & Evelyne

immersion pays basque

My daughter Julia and I stayed in the Basque Country in June. Our first week with Myriam was full of events and activities as not only Myriam is an excellent teacher with very clear explanations of the most complicated grammar points, she is also a very active person and extremely well organized which allows her to fit so much in each day!

Myriam is also an outstanding cook and each meal was delicious and presented beautifully, most times outside on her garden terrace. Our accommodation was excellent, in fact Myriam had her house built a few years ago and it had been thoughtfully designed to meet all the needs of the stay-in students. WiFi was very good, which made my life as an entrepreneur much easier.

Our move to Evelyne for our second week was very smooth. Julia felt as if she was visiting grandma as Evelyne was super accommodating. Her husband Jean-Pierre treated us to wine from different regions of France every night to accompany delicious meals that Evelyne cooked, some even on Julia’s request. Eating dinner with Evelyne and Jean-Pierre in their beautiful garden while chatting in French and laughing was something we looked forward to every day. For our last evening with them, we were treated to a very impressive aperitif of a melon with Armagnac/wine, and Evelyne bought very fancy pastry to make our night extra memorable.

immersion homestay bayonne

The lessons with Evelyne were great, she continued and expended on issues that Myriam started, so it was an easy and logical transition. Both Myriam and Evelyne were attentive to our speech and corrected our mistakes, which we greatly appreciated as it made us more aware and allowed us to self-correct later on.

We went out with Myriam to the farmers’ market, to the music festival in the streets of enchanting Bayone, the water spa, met Myriam’s friends and family, and visited charming villages of Espelette and Ainhoa, and the beautiful town of St. Jean de Luz with one of her friends Martine. We also enjoyed our trip to St Jean Pied de Port with Evelyne and Jean-Pierre. Our train ride up to the Rhune (Sare) even though was not very successful due to a sadden change of weather, ended up being a very positive experience thanks to Evelyne’s sense of humor and cheerfulness.

We are extremely satisfied with our stay with these two exceptional teachers and extraordinary women who are obviously quite passionate about their work and exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our stay. We hope to see them again one day and to be back to the beautiful Basque Country sometimes in the future.

Dean – 2018 – French Immersion in Pays Basque with Teacher Evelyne

Basque Country French Immersion

I spent one wonderful week in Pays Basque with Evelyne and Jean-Pierre. I am grateful for their hospitality. They are very friendly and I have warm memories of pleasant dinners.

I wanted to explore the region and Evelyne’s home is close to Bayonne, Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz. It was nice to see small villages like Ainhoa and Espelette. The countryside is beautiful.

Evelyne is a great teacher and helped me to improve my French. I found the lessons to be just right for me. It was a good mix of listening comprehension, writing and speaking.

Mary – 2018 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Myriam

learn french immersion homestay

My week with Myriam was my first homestay program ever.  And it proved the saying “You’re never too old to have a happy childhood.”  I couldn’t have enjoyed it more if I had been 10 years old – and still hard-wired to enjoy every second of life.  The entire experience was beyond my capacity to imagine.

Myriam welcomed me at the airport as if I were an old friend and took me immediately to see the sun set on the waterfront of Biarritz.  Because my trip was last minute, I had not had a chance to refresh my French conversation skills in preparation for this trip.  But Myriam’s warmth and skill facilitating an immersion experience made these concerns evaporate.   The easy, engaging conversation never flagged – from that first moment to the last.  Her teaching skills are top-notch.

I am so touched by Myriam’s generosity and her passion for sharing the French culture.  The meals were perfect and there was always a link to the Basque history during our meals.   She never stopped sharing stories and asking questions so that our lives became visible to each other.  And I was lucky enough to meet her entire family at their weekly dinner.

learn french immersion homestay
Myriam included me in everything, and never made me feel like “work.”  She arranged wonderful excursions for me with her friend Martine.  I came across a quote recently about one’s vocation in life:  “A vocation is where one’s deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”  I’m sure Myriam is accomplished in many things, but her work as an Immersion Teacher truly pairs her deep gladness with a deep need in the world.   I am so grateful to have had the experience.

Holly – 2018 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Myriam

séjour immersion france

I have recently returned from a week studying French with Myriam in lovely Bayonne. It was an exceptional experience. Myriam is an excellent French teacher and a kind and generous host.

Like others have mentioned, Myriam is skilled at quickly assessing a student’s level, and we got to work immediately. There was a two-hour lesson each day, however she incorporated the concepts I was learning into every-day conversations in a way that felt natural and low pressure.

Each day was very well organized, starting with breakfast and our lesson. After lunch, I was free to explore the nearby towns on my own (I went to Biarrtiz and Bayonne) and public transit was close, affordable and easy to use. Two of my afternoons were spent with Martine, Myriam’s colleague and friend. It was very useful for me to practice French with someone else during the week, and I’m sure this was the intention. She was an excellent guide as we explored Espelette, Ainhoa and Saint Jean de Luz.

Myriam’s house is perfectly set up for this type of program. My room and washroom were private and comfortable, and the wifi signal was great. Myriam was always nearby if I had questions, however she also provided lots of space, as she understands that immersion can be quite exhausting.

The food was also amazing. Myriam is a great cook! I looked forward to mealtimes.

A highlight of the week was when I accompanied Myriam to la thalassothérapie – a centre with an amazing indoor/outdoor seawater pool and steam room. It was very relaxing after a long day of activities and studying.

My level certainly improved as the week progressed, but I think the best part was the boost in my confidence. Before I arrived, I was nervous and unsure of how I would handle speaking French, morning until night. I adjusted quickly, and every interaction and conversation in French was thrilling.

Myriam does everything possible to make it a special experience for the learner. It felt very tailored to my interests and needs. I cannot say enough good things about this program. I left feeling motivated and eager to continue my studies at home, and I hope to return!

Thank you, Myriam and Martine!

Nina – 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Myriam

immersion in france

It was a wonderful week of immersion, not only in the French language but also in the beautiful Pays Basque culture of the region around Myriam’s home town of Biarritz.

Myriam is an excellent and experienced teacher. She is very explicit in her explanations, and she has a calm and professional manner. Every day was streamlined and organised. My understanding of more complicated grammatical structures and how to use them greatly improved. Thank you Myriam!

Myriam’s home is delightful and very comfortable, with a garden that was a joy to see in autumn. Meals were also a highlight of each day – traditional Pays Basque as well as French meals. There were many conversations about food!

french homestay france

We enjoyed excursions to Biarritz, to Saint-Jean-de-Luz and to the traditional Pays Basque town of Espelette in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

I caught local buses to explore the region in my own time, and practise my French on the local shopkeepers.

C’était  une semaine formidable. Je vous remercie, Myriam.

Arlène – 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Myriam & Evelyne

immersion student in front of beach france

In October 2017, I was fortunate to participate in an immersion program in the Basque region of France.  Two weeks were spent with Myriam in Bayonne and one week was spent with Evelyn in Anglet.   Both women were extremely kind and friendly, and helped me feel right at home.

Myriam and Evelyn have lovely homes in the Basque country.  My bedroom and bathroom were in a separate part of the house.  They were beautifully decorated and very comfortable. Meals were always delightful.  The food was delicious and the conversations were fun and enlightening.  At Myriam’s home, we would sometimes watch interesting television programs during breakfast and discuss the concepts presented.  I learned information about French books, art and the news.  Evelyn provided a relaxed atmosphere where we enjoyed meals with Jean-Pierre, her husband, Vanie the dog and Choquette the cat.  Since we are all animal lovers, we had many lively discussions about our pets and their humorous antics.

A highlight of my visit was the time spent with their extended families.  Every Friday evening, Myriam’s entire family comes to her house for dinner.  First, I met her mother who makes the most delicious apple tart. Then her children and grandchildren arrived.  I was so excited to be able to maintain a conversation with her adolescent grandchildren, as well as the rest of the family. At Evelyn’s home, I enjoyed an afternoon lunch with her mother and a visit from her daughter.  They were both delightful and most pleasant. Being able to converse comfortably with them, helped me feel more confident and proud of my accomplishments.

Two hours a day we had interesting and informative French lessons.  We worked on grammar concepts, read and discussed brief articles from our text book and listened to French stories to enhance my comprehension skills.  The lessons helped to fill in some missing gaps of knowledge, as well as expand and increase my French language aptitude.

We went on many fascinating excursions to the Basque regions, in both France and Spain. Myriam and Evelyne were excellent tour guides and shared delightful stories about the Basque people and their rich cultural lives.  We spent time together in Bayonne, Ainhoa, Espelette, St Jean de Luz in France, as well as visited some little villages in Spain.  On one occasion, I went with Myriam to a forest in the Spanish mountains to look for mushrooms. Hiking through the magnificent woods was invigorating and stimulating.

I sincerely enjoyed my French immersion program.  This was greatly enhanced by my gracious and generous host families.  I hope to return in the near future for another exciting and enlightening experience.

Eva – 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Evelyne

learn french in immersion france pays basque

You will find in Evelyne and her husband, Jean-Pierre, naturals at welcoming you to their home, family and beautiful garden as well as the stunning landscape of the Pays-Basque while learning and improving your French language skills.

Both, Evelyne and Jean-Pierre, are generous with their time, they are great conversation partners and very easy to get along with.

Evelyne is an excellent teacher helping you every step of the way to improve your French and make the most of your stay. She knows how to explain French grammar and challenges you to speak French every day during lessons as well as the rest of the day over delicious lunch and dinner. She is flexible and will tailor your lessons to what you want and expect. You can’t help, but learn a lot.

Enjoy every minute of your stay!

Betsy – 3 Weeks 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Evelyne & Myriam

learn french in france immersion pays basque

I spent three weeks in the Basque country- two with Myriam and one with Evelyne; both are warm, friendly women!  It was a great experience that I hope to repeat.  In the 30 hours of French lessons (two hours a day/five days a week), I learned or reviewed a lot of grammar.  The rest of the day was an opportunity to speak and listen.

Both Myriam and Evelyne are excellent teachers.  Myriam’s notes on my progress and pitfalls allowed Evelyne to pick up where I left off so there was no time lost in switching hosts. Those three weeks really jump-started my French; now I have to keep it up at home, of course!

It’s a lovely part of France and Myriam and Evelyne are great hosts.  In both houses, the bedroom and private bath were perfect.  There was lots of good, fresh food that I totally enjoyed.  The excursions with Myriam, Evelyne and their friend Martine, were really interesting.  The region is full of lovely countryside, beaches and villages.

In addition, I was able to visit Bordeaux one weekend and San Sebastien and Bilbao another.  A side benefit was my introduction to “la thalassothérapie”- delightful warm water pools.  Oh, I wish that was something I could bring home!

All in all, it was a totally enjoyable and productive three weeks.  I’ve done several French immersion programs that were classes rather than one on one, but this was by far the best experience.

Jonathan – 1 Week 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Evelyne

learn french in immersion france pays basque

I had a very pleasant and productive week in April with Evelyne and Jean-Pierre in Anglet, preparing for the DELF B2 examination.

Evelyne had planned the lessons carefully and she fine-tuned them as the week went on so we could focus on the areas in which I clearly needed to improve. The lessons were well-structured and focused and the time flew past! I have very serious ‘writer’s block’ in French but with Evelyne’s guidance I was able to work effectively on my writing and develop confidence in producing written work of type required in the DELF exam. We also worked on key grammar points and listening skills.

The lessons were complemented by lively discussions over lunch and dinner with Evelyne and Jean-Pierre. Evelyne is an excellent cook and in the relaxed and warm atmosphere the conversation flowed freely – ideal for language practice!

Our lessons were scheduled in the mornings and the afternoons were reserved for private study or for visits, which Evelyne organized: to Biarritz; the beaches at Anglet; the beautiful town of St Jean de Luz and the Basque countryside. The visits were a great opportunity to get to know the region and to get a glimpse of the fascinating Basque culture.

On the last day of my stay, Evelyne’s sister in law kindly invited me to join the family for their Easter lunch. In addition to enjoying the fabulous food I was very pleased to realize that I could fully understand and participate in the conversation – a true measure of the progress I had made over the week.

Thank you Evelyne, Jean-Pierre, Vanie and the cat!

Christine – 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Evelyne

immersion in france

My week with Evelyne absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way, including the hope that I would elevate my relatively basic French and become more adept in speaking the language. Evelyne and her husband Jean-Pierre were both so encouraging, patient and helpful that – even after just a couple of days – I discovered that I was prattling away in French and being understood. That really boosted my confidence. By the end of the week Evelyne assessed my French as having risen from elementary to intermediate level.

Each morning, Evelyne and I chatted over breakfast and then spent two concentrated hours doing lessons tailored to the grammar and vocabulary that we both identified as areas that needed to be worked on. Jean-Pierre joined us for lunch and dinner, and then during the afternoons I took myself off sightseeing around Bayonne and Biarritz, which are easy bus rides from a stop close to the house. With one of Evelyne’s friends and Myriam’s student, we did an afternoon trip to the interesting, historical port of St Jean de Luz, and on another day to some of the villages in the beautiful, nearby countryside of the Pays-Basque region. I spent the evenings after dinner doing homework, based on the mornings’ lessons. By choice, I spent around three hours of homework each evening, learning new vocab, writing a journal and doing exercises. I found this really beneficial for making progress, although it did mean some late nights! In all, I reckon I spent around six hours a day talking French.

Evelyne is a brilliant teacher, kind and supportive, with a great sense of humour and a light-touch style of teaching so that I never found her lessons onerous or too difficult. I really loved my time with her family including Choquette the crazy cat who I swear spoke English, and her dog who snored all the way through my lessons.

The accommodation was brilliant – the whole top floor to myself with an immaculate bedroom and ensuite, a balcony overlooking the pretty garden, and a small sitting room with tea-making facilities (essential for late-night studying). I would highly recommend Evelyne’s immersion course. I’m certainly up for returning next year!

Don – 2 Weeks 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Evelyne

learn french in immersion france teacher homestay

It was my good fortune to spend two weeks with Evelyne and her husband, Jean-Pierre in their wonderful home.

I studied French in high school and college, and I even spent a year abroad in France, but that was many, many years ago. I have spoken very little French since then, and my French has become very rusty and encumbered with a lot of bad habits, and I hoped Evelyne would help me get past the awkwardness of speaking and writing that was weighing me down.

Evelyne was an attentive teacher, kindly helping me to uncover and begin correcting those bad habits which she so poetically called “mauvais plis” (“bad folds”).

Every morning, we sat at the dining table working on French grammar, then, after lunch together it was time for exploring: some days, I explored Biarritz and Bayonne by myself using the city bus, and other days, Evelyne or one of her friends would drive me sightseeing in the storybook-beautiful Basque countryside.

Every evening, the three of us ate together — and the hours we spent in conversation at meal times helped bolster my confidence. Dinner time together was perhaps my most cherished experience on this journey. Evelyne is a skilled cook, and she and Jean-Pierre are consummate hosts.

By the end of my stay, I had become quite the chatterbox–I think it’s safe to say that Evelyne did help me get past my awkwardness and fear of speaking French, and I returned home to the U.S., determined to continue my French studies with confidence.

Barbara – 1 week 2017 – French Immersion in France with Teacher Myriam

learn french in immersion in france at teacher's home

It was a really extraordinary experience and my French has improved enormously – both the grammar and the fluency and confidence of my spoken French.

Myriam’s home is really comfortable and she is endlessly kind, patient and helpful and always has an interesting topic to share with the student.

Her cooking is excellent and I have come away with a couple of very good recipes to try back home.  I loved the traditional and delicious desserts that her
mother contributed as well.

In addition to all that her home is so conveniently placed -especially for the cinema – a passion I share with Myriam.  I managed to see 3 films  (one on my own and the others with Myriam) while I was there and it  was great to able to discuss them afterwards with her.

I also met up with her friends and with one of them visited two historic villages one of which, St Jean Pied de Port – was the starting point for the Santiago di Compostela pilgrimage.  I was lucky enough to meet up with two of the volunteers who run the office there and they explained the system of certificates etc that the walkers take with them to get stamped at every stop.  Not counting unlimited French conversation there and back in the car!

On another evening I was  kindly invited to join five others to have supper at her friend Martine’s house. Une soirée de filles – c’était vraiment super!  All her friends are so friendly and welcoming that I felt at home immediately.

I really cannot speak too highly of my stay at Myriam’s.  It was everything I wanted and more.

100% recommended if you are serious about improving your level of French.

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