French Today iPad / iPhone App

It’s not just an audiobook! Other French lessons on the market might come with a PDF but the French Today audiobooks are on another level. Thanks to our custom built apps, the audiobook experience is incomparable!

Manage all your audiobooks in a single app. No need to worry about managing files, remembering what page you were on, restarting the audio…

  1. No files to manage, just enter your email and password and the French Today app takes care of everything
  2. Consistant user experience across all devices (no need to learn different apps for each)
  3. No need to deal with zip files, Dropbox or others…
  4. Remember last audio position for each audiobook
  5. Remember last page position for each audiobook
  6. Navigate the extensive table of content and jump both audio and transcript to any point in 2 clicks
  7. One click to change audio speed
  8. Skip the audio back and forth easily and even customise your preferred skip time
  9. Audio controls are ALWAYS visible: no need to find the page where the audio play button is on
  10. Audio keeps playing even when changing pages
  11. Easily increase the font size without messing up the scrolling
  12. One click to hide/reveal english translations
  13. Enable Story Mode to continuously listen to the story and to skip the study guides
  14. Car Mode (mobile): larger simplified interface for ease of use while driving/cycling
🎁 2.5 Hours French Audiobook - 100% Free / Keep Forever 🎁

Recorded at 3 different speeds + Study Guide + Q&A + Full Transcript

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