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From the very first day I could tell that my French immersion week was going to be everything I had hoped for. It was that and more.

Virginie is a true teacher. She quickly assessed my needs and preferences and worked with me continuously to create an effective and memorable language learning experience.

In addition to being a creative, knowledgeable, and adaptive teacher, Virginie has a great family. The children turned out to be a definite bonus because they, like Virginie and husband, Alex, are warm, friendly, and welcoming to “les invités.” In listening to and talking with them, I had extra practice using French each day.

Alex and Virginie make a great team and work together to create delicious and beautiful meals including not only good food, but also good conversation. The whole family enjoys card and board games and that was a regular part of each day.

My French definitely improved as a result of this week in Eguilles, of course, but my husband and I agreed that what we treasured most was the opportunity to spend a week embraced by this kind, loving, and fun family.

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