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My friend and I moved to Paris a year ago, where we started our French language journey. We had been taking intensive French classes at a language school for almost 9 months and have been progressing well, but decided that we needed a change of learning environment to acquire the confidence to speak in our daily lives. That is when we stumbled across Virginie’s profile on FrenchToday, and decided to do a one-week immersion with her. It was one of the best decisions we made in our learning journey.

During our one-week stay, we had 3 hours of “formal” lessons daily, but Virginie was very flexible to our needs, and we ended up having our lessons while cooking together, taking walks in the forest just a few steps away, playing card games, and even just having a lovely breakfast together every morning. We wanted to have more practical learning sessions and that was exactly what Virginie gave us. We requested to work on some grammar points and she managed to integrate what we needed into the activities we wanted to do.

During our stay, we also had two excursions where we had the chance to visit the quaint little town of Arles and the animated Aix-en-Provence, both an easy drive away. Virginie was also our excellent tour guide, suggesting various options, taking us to the beautiful sights, exploring the colourful markets and trying the special cuisine of the region together with us.

We were living the French life with her, speaking the language while discovering Provence and having so much fun in the process. The stress of speaking the language diminished and we left having much more confidence to use it back in Paris. This is something that we would not have gotten in a classroom environment.

Virginie has a warm personality and her family were so lovely, making us feel right at home from the start. They gave us the privacy but were also open to us interacting with them when we wanted to. She had a cosy room for us with an attached bathroom, and all the amenities that we needed. The only regret we had was not trying the somatic massage from Virginie! She had offered us a session but we had so much to do together that we did not find the time.

The one-week immersion seemed like a long time when we signed up, but we could have definitely stayed for more. Highly recommend this if you want to improve your French in an enjoyable, fun and effective way while having a mini-vacation in the south of France.

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