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My husband and I bought a house in France a couple of years ago, and I soon realised that my schoolgirl French was great for eating out and shopping but totally inadequate for all the technicalities of owning a property in France, from the basic setting up of household services, to the more complex processes involved in renovation, garden alterations and car mechanics!

I had been using the French Today app, which I found fantastic to start the process of unlocking all of the vocabulary and grammar that I had forgotten, but I decided to take the leap and booked into a week’s immersion course with Virginie through the website in order to try to step up a level.

I was a little nervous to begin with, but Virginie immediately put me at ease. She has a wonderful empathy with an individual student’s needs, and she was able to recognise my weaknesses immediately, helping me enormously with reviewing grammar, verb conjugations and encouraging me to use more complex vocabulary.

Staying in Virginie’s home, with Alex and the children, was such a pleasure. I felt incredibly privileged and delighted to be accepted and included in family activities and mealtimes, where the children were as engaging and interested as the adults!

I only stayed for one week, and it flew by, but by the end of my stay, I felt I was growing in confidence, learning to recognise my mistakes and trying out my newly learned verb conjugations! We visited some wonderful areas, tasted some wonderful wines and I feel thoroughly enriched by my experiences. I can’t wait to do it all over again!

Thank you Virginie, Alex, Leo, Tom and Lily for helping me, to not only improve my French, but to make amazing memories with you.

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