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On Saturday I finished my first French immersion stay with Virginie at Eguille. My husband is not a student of French but he was staying with us as well as we have been travelling together.

I was very nervous before I arrived…I’m 60 years old and nearly gave up my French lessons as I wasn’t getting anywhere. Learning a language is hard in Australia as it is difficult to practise.

Anyhow I had a wonderful week, and so did my husband. Virginie and Alex went out of their way to be very generous and kind in every way… giving us travel suggestions, helping with a flat tyre on the car, cooking all sorts of things, cultural activities and Virginie was brilliant with the French conversation, lessons and incredibly patient with me.

I am determined to continue with French now and will consider another French immersion experience – perhaps in New Caledonia as it is so much closer to home.

I will commend Virginie and your site to my French class back home, and hope that they take up the option to undertake adult immersion. It was great.

I have truly benefitted from this experience in many different ways.

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