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Last year, after spending a week with Virginie and her family, I wrote about the wonderful experience that it had been – to join in with the family’s activities and enjoy the healthy and tsty meals that Virginie prepares. I wrote too, of Virginie’s exceptional skills as a teacher. And of her generosity of spirit.

Well, I travelled from Australia and spent another week there this year – and nothing has changed! I was fortunate to arrive on Bastille Day – 14 July – and joined the family in a visit to the festivities in the nearby village of Eguilles,

There was also another little surprise for me this time, Virginie’s husband’s 13 year-old niece Annwen was there with her family for a few days and one evening, while we were having apero and I was enjoying a glass of s drink called Mojito – a powerful concoction with a rum base and laced with Provencal mint – Annwen did a sketch of me. Completely without my knowledge, I might say, and all done within a matter of minutes. The details are very accurate!

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