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Thank you so much for your openness and warmth, for opening your house and way of life to me as if I were family.
Although there was a certain amount of randomness in selecting this course and location, I could not have chosen better, even with years of research. Your home is an oasis of calm in a frantic world. The location of Jugon les Lacs is a treasure I will not easily forget.

As for the course, well, I still cannot believe I just happened to pick the best French teacher in France. Immersing me in the French world from the moment you picked me up in Dinan to the very last, was a journey that exceeded my wildest expectations. I admired your attention to my needs, the way my programme was developed (from quite early on), to the way it further shaped itself to my requirements and interests. I feel like I am leaving as an entirely different person as far as French is concerned. I had no idea up until this point that I had been wandering further away from ‘the right way’ to learn French. My compass is now reset and with new energy, I now have full confidence I can make a success of this.

I am also departing with some wonderful memories. Being on a quiz team at the local bar with two wonderful French women was a treat. Even better because we won, though handicapped by my own poor knowledge of Australia.
Our trips to the coast and to Dinan gave me insights I could never have had access to had it not been for my guide.
Let us not forget Peter who cooked every day sumptuous meals that befit a restaurant, much needed for the operation of my sometimes exhausted brain. Best wishes to you both, and one more hearty thank you.

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