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Dear Madame, Sir or child, if you have already stayed with Peter and Suzanne, then you already know what an amazing experience this has been. If you are still on the fence before taking the plunge to sign up for a week-long stay or not, all I can say is ‘plunge on!’

Then, once you arrive on French soil, let me introduce you to the greatest French/American phrase since the Marshall Plan: “Svp, je vais essayer en français”: if you blindly ambush a French person with your feeble attempt at communicating in French, I can all but guarantee awkwardness for everyone. However, start by de-escalating the situation with this phrase, and all will be well. It communicates goodwill to the listener: “I will try to say this in French.” It tells them that you have practiced their native beloved language and feel ready to attempt it… but/so, please be patient. I have yet to encounter a French person who didn’t appreciate this comment, and all would complement my efforts, in French, rather than replying in English.

This is but one of the many many benefits of spending a week with Suzanne and Peter.

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