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Merci beaucoup pour une semaine magnifique! The only problem was that the week passed too quickly. I can’t wait to come back again.

I spent a week studying French with Suzanne. Suzanne is an amazing teacher. She is passionate about teaching, about adapting lessons for each student, and about developing learning materials. She has a massive library of materials and exercises that she has developed over the years and she continually creates more. She’s a patient and flexible teacher and has a sense of humor. She loves learning herself and likes giving lots of choices for homework, but what and how much to do is up to the student. She always chooses exercises that are interesting for the student.

As part of our classes we visited Dinan, a beautiful modern and medieval village. Another afternoon we cooked Tarte Tatin and a traditional Breton stew called Friko coco de Mémé. I went to the lake, the library and the supermarket in Jugon and met several citizens.

Peter is the chief chef extraordinaire, even though he also teaches music and renovates homes. The food was wonderful and much of it was from their large garden.

I highly recommend a stay here! Suzanne and Peter are welcoming, interesting, helpful and enjoyable. The food, the location & accommodation: formidable.

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