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Just wow!

A week’s immersion here with Suzanne has been easier than I thought. I have been worried, but I had no need to be. Suzanne is clearly a very experienced and devoted teacher. She is very good at calming your nerves! Suzanne has a multitude of teaching aids at her fingertips. As I mentioned, her experience and tremendous hard work shines through. Thank you Suzanne.

Peter, your cooking: your lunches are something not to be missed. Superb! Fresh from the organic garden lovingly managed by Suzanne. 
Your welcoming nature has meant that we have had a very relaxing week.

I do hope I can return for another immersion week. I’ll check the bank balance!

Lastly, the wonderful Monsieur X, the beautiful natured rotund friend of Suzanne & Peter. Get well soon, Monsieur X!

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