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The immersion program with Raymonde, which I just finished this morning, was amazing. She is not only a great French teacher, but also a nice and amusing person.

My day in her home started every morning with delicious breakfast with full of local fruits and bread, together with a nice cup of coffee. Thanks to the great summer weather, I could also enjoy having meals several times at the terrasse, where one can enjoy a fantastic back-yard view with the relaxing bell sound from the nearby church. Raymonde is such a skilled cook and her dishes are all succulent !

I had requested Raymonde in advance to focus on my listening skill training. The lesson materials which she prepared for me was right on the spot. The listening texts she chose were all very interesting to study. She assisted me understanding up to the very subtle nuance differences among the words/expressions with her clear explanation. She adjusted the speed and articulation when talking to me, which helped me to take her lessons by using French throughout the week.

In regard to the afternoon excursions, she took me for a cycling tour to the nearby French region town, ‘Divonne-les-Bains’. It was a memorable tour, where one can enjoy the Suisse-France boarder area scenery. Riding on an electricity-powered bicycle was pleasant and I was surprisingly not exhausted at all. The excursion to Geneve Old Town, was also enjoyable. We tried a classical piano concert in a church and enjoyed Chopin, Mozart, Scriabin and Ginastera’s master pieces.

Raymonde also suggested me to visit a town called ‘Yvoire’, which is only 20 minutes away from Nyon by boat. A quiet yet lovely town to visit.

Besides the lesson, my private room was comfortable to stay in. I enjoyed staying in the room after the lesson and in the evening, revising what I studied, catching up with my friend using the wifi (strong reception), and taking a good nap on the comfortable queen size bed. Every morning I woke up with the sound of little birds’ chirping outside the window.

I met some of Raymonde’s friends in town. They are all very friendly and patiently listened to my ‘yet-to-be-improving’ French and continued to speak with me in French, which assisted me practising my conversation skills.

It was a great experience to stay in Raymonde’s house and immersed myself well in the Francophone environment for an entire week. This was my 2nd immersion program via French Today. I found the town Nyon in Suisse excellent to stay in order to study French because the people are relaxed and friendly, and they don’t mind speaking in French with a person who is obviously not a fluent French speaker.

After returning to Australia, I will continue to study French further. By the time I return to Raymonde’s home next time, my French has to be good enough to understand Michel’s blagues without explanation J

Thank you, Raymonde, for all your great lessons and hospitality !!

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