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Superlatives can’t fully describe the wonderful week I’ve just spent with Raymonde. She is a very knowledgeable Prof and able to easily help you understand meanings and usages due to her fluency in multiple languages.

Her teaching aids include not only straight grammatical exercises, but also Citations and Proverbs and current journal articles. One not only improves their knowledge of the French language, but of the francophone community as well.

French is not just a language, but the expression of a culture and lifestyle. Raymonde and her fiancé Michel are very warm people who live a healthy and ecologically conscious lifestyle. At meal time she says that she is only putting a few things together, but the results are always delicious and spot on for the occasion. Dining al fresco is a delight in the calm of her beautiful yard.

Her beautiful home is incredibly conveniently located and the guest suite has been recently renovated and is very fresh. Just steps from her front door, one can bike up a mountain or walk country lanes. Near Nyon, one can visit small country villages, UNESCO World Herritage vinyards, Lake Leman, Lausanne, Geneva and more. Besides being très sympathique, Raymonde and Michel are avid cyclists.

Whether you’re interested in flat cruiser rides, or road and mountain bike climbs such as la montée de la Bariellette, they can put you on the right path.

Although I feel like I did so much with the excursions, bike rides, and walks, I want to go back armed with the knowledge of what more I can accomplish. It really is possible to study French in an immersion situation and tour and be physically active in the same week.

The only thing that holds you back is your lack of imagination because Raymonde has all the tools that you need. I highly recommend the French immersion homestay with Raymonde in Nyon, Switzerland.

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