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I have thoroughly enjoyed my week of total immersion with you. It has completely surpassed my expectations even with the glowing reference I was given by a past student of yours who is a friend of mine from home.

What became immediately apparent to me was that you intended to tailor your instruction to my needs. No one had ever done that for me as I have mostly just been in group classes. You then brought a variety of approaches to our lessons. At times, the emphasis was on grammar points either of your or my choosing complete with examples and exercises to reinforce the lessons. Sometimes we role played in French or listened to short articles of interest always with the idea of practicing oral comprehension. We even listened to French songs and then studied the lyrics.

Besides our actual lesson times, I enjoyed the casual conversation about whatever we were thinking about or doing at the moment. This could have taken place on one of our two delightful excursions or preparing and enjoying a meal together. You know you are truly having an immersion experience when you are learning on the spot! I even came to really appreciate being corrected a lot. Who else would do that for me so tirelessly? It was a gift!

In conclusion, I want to thank you for accepting me into your home and bringing the French language even closer to my heart. J’espère revenir un de ces jours!

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