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My week with Raymonde and her family greatly exceeded my expectations. To begin with, the countryside around the town of Gingins is incredibly beautiful, calm and peaceful. I chose Switzerland mostly for practical reasons such as proximity and ease of navigating to other locations, thus I was so pleasantly surprised to find the splendor awaiting me when Raymonde suggested we tackle my jetlag with a walk. I was thrilled to take in the scenery of the area, from the beautiful stone fountains in each village to the snow-covered mountain peaks in the distance, to the manicured vineyards and farms.

But I came here to learn! And Raymonde is a superb French teacher and fascinating person. She is full of discussion-generating questions and has lived a very interesting and compelling life. Her students never lack for subjects to discuss and surely all must find her to be welcoming, supportive and someone who you’ll be proud to call a friend.

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