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I don’t know how to express what an amazing time I had learning and laughing with Raymonde. She is warm, welcoming, and an extraordinary teacher of the French language.

This was the first immersion program I’ve ever done, and I was a bit hesitant to stay with someone I didn’t know. But I decided that it was worth a shot, and it turned out to be well worth it! Raymonde was always in constant contact before my trip, which helped me feel at ease when I arrived in Geneva. The trains are very simple to learn and there is no need for a car. She was happy to come get me at the station in Nyon and was immediately upbeat and a lovely person to be around.

I spent ten days with Raymonde and Michel in their charming house, surrounded by the picturesque Swiss landscape and enjoying the delicious nourishing food Raymonde prepared. The first week I studied by myself at an intermediate/advanced level, and then I was joined by my boyfriend the last few days. He was just starting to learn French, but he was still able to join on the excursions and be introduced to the French language. Even though the weather was a bit rainy during my time, I was able to appreciate the beauty and serenity of the small village and explore other larger cities nearby. No matter the weather, it is stunning! We are already planning another trip back, but this time in the winter so we can enjoy all the wonderful cold weather activities and see the lovely mountains covered in snow!

Raymonde is able to find what each individual person needs and wants to focus on. We did lessons for a few hours everyday and would also go on excursions during the week. We even learned how to cook a few classic dishes! All in French, of course! I can’t believe how much confidence and progress I have gained within just ten days! Not only are the lessons helpful but she is a lovely person to converse with in general. You are welcomed into her home to be a part of the family, but she also leaves you to your space if you want it. I highly recommend this program, it has far surpassed all of my expectations!

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