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Since the success of my first home stay of a week’s duration with Raymonde in June 2017, I have been plotting my return trip.

This time more clothing was required although snow was only on the mountains in the distance. My goal was to concentrate on my fluency and to correct my grammatical and pronunciation faults that I continue to make and not to focus on specific grammar as such. The reason was that I had studied at second year university level in 2018, but as always had limited opportunity to practice spontaneous communication in French with someone who could correct me.

It was very comfortable being with Raymonde again and enjoying her wonderful warm hospitality and excellent meals and conversing on many diverse subjects both during and outside of the formal teaching hours. Within a few days I was self-correcting and speaking fluently and my confidence in speaking to others was noticeably improved.

One of the highlights was attending the 50th International Film festival “Visions du reel” in Nyon to see a variety of documentary films. Another was the exhibition of Impressionist paintings at Martigny, a beautiful town nestled against the mountains and the well curated sensory experience “Nez à Nez – Contemporary perfumers” highlighting our sense of smell by blocking our visual perception in Lausanne . Again, a week went too quickly , however my confidence in myself was enhanced and it reaffirmed to me that it is a great method of consolidating a language. Thank you Raymonde for your guidance and patience – I will return!

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