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As I continue my quest to learn French, I recently spent my 2nd one week immersion with Raymonde. Last year at this same time I spent my first week with her and was shocked at the progress I made in just a week of immersion. This week as I struggled a little to get my mind into the game, she took the time, patience and care to encourage me to relax and “surf” the language rather than get stuck on every detail and word. As usual she targets my lessons to exactly what I need. This is accomplished during a lovely walk on the first morning of my visit to access my level of understanding. Again she was right on target.

The accommodations are very comfortable with a private room and private bath in the house with everything I needed including a TV and DVD player so I could watch movies in French and continue to improve my language skills. Her meals are always amazing, both delicious and beautiful at the same time. She provides breakfast and lunch. Each evening you have the option to go out to dinner or eat something light at the house.

Each week comprises sessions in each morning. Twice during the week there is an excursion to an interesting local attraction. This week Raymonde and I visited different attractions than during my first immersion week. First we went into Geneva and visited a museum of watch making at the famous Patek-Phillipe Company. The museum was amazing and overwhelming at the same time. The precision and complexity of Swiss watchmaking is unparalleled. After that we explored Geneva for a short time. The other excursion was an experience, “unbelievable”. Raymonde was able to connect us with one of the most well known winemakers in Switzerland, Raymond Paccot of La Colombre Winery in nearby Féchy. We had the most amazing private wine tasting given by the owner/winemaker himself. After 3 hours of explanation about his winemaking techniques and the terroir of the region along with tasting of all varieties we all left with a whole new understanding of the uniqueness of Swiss wine making. “C’etait très incroyable!”

My second immersion week with Raymonde was as amazing as the first and unique at the same time. Merci, Raymonde!

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