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My French immersion course with Raymonde was over and beyond anything I ever imagined. I was so nervous about even speaking one word. Although I have been taking adult education lessons in French for one year, I really never was around any francophones.

Raymonde style of teaching is so gentle and kind. She has patience and a way of making a student with very little experience feel completely comfortable immediately. From the moment she picked me up at the train station I knew everything was going to be perfect. It can be discomforting to be in a different country, with a different language, and a different way of living.

After getting situated in my beautiful sun filled room, we went to a « Marché aux puces »  along gorgeous Lake Geneva. The next morning, after a delicious breakfast we started French lessons. Raymonde can pick out any weaknesses and strengths right off. Her corrections are made with such grace that one never feels foolish. I thoroughly enjoyed each lesson even though they were quite intense. Her lessons are planned meticulously, to blend with the students interests.

We went shopping, to the hairdressers, to the Charlie Chaplin Museum in Vevey, an incredibly beautiful electric bicycle trip, and to restaurants. All of these things introducing me to French speakers and the amazingly beautiful country of  Switzerland.

Raymonde’s family was so enjoyable to be around, I never felt out of place.

I learned about French etymology, Switzerland and French history, and French cuisine. I also have gained so much confidence in speaking French.

Thank you so much Raymonde. I can’t wait to return. Hopefully this winter. The quality of your french immersion is superb.

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