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Pierre – Linda review

Stayed in March 2019

Pierre - South West France Immersion at Teacher's

I wasn’t really sure how this was going to go. It’s been a long time since I’ve been a student. The truth was that I felt equal parts stoked and embarrassed to have forgotten so much French over the years.

Much to my relief, Pierre’s style of teaching is what I would call intuitive listening style. He waits to hear how the conversation will go and then follows it. As the conversation goes and the questions come, he follows and then produces whatever conversation, examples, materials for further practice that you need. He is a keen observer of “the pause” for reflection. I felt relieved that he didn’t seem to tire of my many mistakes which he corrected quickly.

He made me a galette for lunch with his own crêpe maker. I was so tired from the three hours of intense work that I took a nap before our afternoon hike !

I couldn’t seem to take enough pictures with my newfound knowledge of taking better pics on my iPhone and the gorgeous landscape that surrounded me.  After the days activities I was excited to settle down with my first movie of the week: La Famille Bélier.

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