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I have recently spent 6 days with Pierre in the beautiful Lot-et-Garonne region, and it was exactly the kind of immersion I wanted!

I have just re-started my study of French after a 15 year hiatus, and I knew I needed to commit to an intensive course to kick-start my learning. This immersion provided everything I wanted and more.

Pierre was very patient and supportive with me, which was very important as I really had forgotten more French than I could remember. We committed to a full immersion from the very start, and I used English words only when I could not communicate through French. Pierre was very understanding and put no pressure on me at all, and I quickly felt comfortable making mistakes with him and enjoyed his help and guidance.

Pierre is a very well-educated, intelligent man with a great understanding of the history of France, the French language and much more. This meant that there was never a shortage of interesting conversation, and I feel like I got a genuine appreciation for France’s culture and history that I had not fully appreciated before. Our lessons each morning were well-structured and I received a quick overview of everything, as well as plenty of time on specific areas I wanted to dial into such as pronunciation. It felt like a couple of months of progress packed into less than a week!

I loved Pierre’s cooking, and looked forward to chatting with him each evening over dinner and wine before watching French documentaries and movies. This kind of relaxed atmosphere was very important for becoming comfortable with French again and actually remembering that learning a language, despite being sometimes overwhelming, can also be very enjoyable at least some of the time!

The region itself is beautiful, and our visit to Pujol for the Sunday market was a definite highlight. Pierre’s local village of Monteton is also less than 2km away from his house, so it’s the ideal distance for a light jog or walk when you need to clear your head. Be sure to enjoy all of the wonderful fresh local produce the region offers!

Thank you Pierre for all of your time, support and guidance. You’ve given me a renewed sense of confidence in my French, and you have genuinely helped deepen my love for this beautiful language.

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