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My one week immersion with Nathalie was such a delightful experience. I stayed in a comfortable private corner in Nathalie’s charming house, which was quite spacious and even had my own little study.

On different days we went on different excursions: the peaceful le forêt de Fontainebleau, the rejuvenated historic city of Orléans, the perfume inspired le Chateau Chamerolles, the quaint medieval village of Yevres le Chatel…

Always finding myself in the company of Nathalie, her family or her friends, I learnt so much speaking and participating in a social setting amidst native French speakers that would have been really hard to replicate elsewhere.

The people I met were so friendly and open and adorable – it was such an inspiration to learn from and about them.

I absolutely loved my time there!

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