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Raymonde – French Speaking Switzerland – Immersion Homestay at Teacher’s Reviews

lucinda residential homestay switzerland french teacher 1lucinda residential homestay switzerland french teacher 1
Stayed in August 2019


My week with Raymonde and her family greatly exceeded my expectations. To begin with, the countryside around the town of Gingins is incredibly beautiful, calm and peaceful. I chose Switzerland mostly for practical reasons such as proximity and ease of navigating to other locations, thus I was so … Read more
tatiana french residential immersion switzerland
Stayed in August 2019

Tatiana & Ryan

When I was searching for an French immersion experience I found the opportunity to stay with Raymonde Fahrni in beautiful Switzerland.  The experience was beyond my expectations.  I met Raymonde as a guest and left feeling as if I was part of her extended family. Her gentle guidance, nurturing,… Read more
french immersion residential switzerland 1french immersion residential switzerland 1
Stayed August 2019


It has been several days since we said good-bye, and the memory of our 10 days together is still so fresh in my mind. I truly feel like I experienced the region and culture in a way that I never could have on my own. It was so special to be there during the August 1st fête, to learn about the co… Read more
Stayed in July 2019


Superlatives can’t fully describe the wonderful week I’ve just spent with Raymonde. She is a very knowledgeable Prof and able to easily help you understand meanings and usages due to her fluency in multiple languages. Her teaching aids include not only straight grammatical exercises, b… Read more
Stayed in July 2019


I enjoyed & benefitted so much during our time together, also you family & your generous friends – the evening dinner was wonderful in the lovely garden. Some of my family in Australia were in mountains last week sking & endeavoured to replicate the delicious fondue as des… Read more
Stayed in July 2019


The immersion program with Raymonde, which I just finished this morning, was amazing. She is not only a great French teacher, but also a nice and amusing person. My day in her home started every morning with delicious breakfast with full of local fruits and bread, together with a nice cup … Read more
antonia - learn french immersion switzerlandantonia - immersion en français en suisse
Stayed in June 2019


I have just completed a second immersion with Raymonde. I enjoyed the first one so much that I returned this time for 10 days. She has helped me enormously, especially in the area of improving my confidence in speaking and in pronunciation . Raymonde is a highly experienced, diligent teach… Read more
Ann - learn french immersion switzerland Geneva 2Ann - learn french immersion switzerland Geneva 2Ann - learn french immersion switzerland Geneva 2Ann - learn french immersion switzerland Geneva 2
Stayed in May 2019


My French immersion course with Raymonde was over and beyond anything I ever imagined. I was so nervous about even speaking one word. Although I have been taking adult education lessons in French for one year, I really never was around any francophones. Raymonde style of teaching is so gen… Read more