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My week chez Nathalie was one of the most magical, wonderful and exhilarating experiences of my life.

The opportunity to visit châteaux, gardens and so many sits of historical, architectural and social interest in her company, keeping up a lively conversation in my imperfect French was all I could have wished for in a week of French immersion. Nathalie is a perfect host, always ready to respond to your needs, and able to discuss and debate anything and everything.

In addition her meals were always something to look forward to – during the afternoon expeditions I always had to ask her what was on the menu for dinner – and mealtimes always provided further opportunities for conversation and discussion. Dinner with her friends in the village was another opportunity to meet and respond to people form different backgrounds.

Finally, I can only add that Nathalie is one of the warmest and loveliest persons with whom I have ever had the pleasure of spending time, and I eagerly look forward to visiting her in her magical domain as soon as I can gather up the funds for another immersion à la française!

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