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Nathalie – Linda and Rebekah  review

Stayed in April 2019

Nathalie - Loiret - Practice Your French in Immersion (Foodie Option)

As I am writing this I am moments away from arriving home after 3 months in France. The days, weeks and months flew by and I can hardly believe I’m home already – and yet I have experienced so many rich and beautiful  moments that it feels like what I would have packed into a years time.

I have had the good fortune of stumbling onto the French Today website because of a dream that woke me in November. It lead me to decide to dedicate my winter months to learning to speak French! I chose to spend three weeks in France with FT teachers. One of those weeks was with Nathalie in Auxy. Auxy is a tiny little village in the Loiret region that you would probably drive right by, however you would be missing out on a truly beautiful experience in the house of Nathalie.

Nathalie is not a French teacher but an immersion hostess :-) My daughter Rebekah and I enjoyed gourmet meals and evenings of music, dancing in the living room and friends, excursions to Fontainebleau, the famed chateau of Napoleon and  Orleans, city of Joan of Arc.

The most important thing was a bond and connection that we made with Nathalie. We were sad to leave but know that we will be back again someday. (I even found myself thinking about how I could possibly buy an old stone house in Auxy- and ask Nathalie to show me how to decorate it like she has so magically decorated hers!)

Thank you Nathalie! We will always treasure our time with you!! We can’t wait to host you in Pennsylvania sometime soon!!

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