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From the time I left school until the day of my retirement, I didn’t give much attention to the French language. But with more time at my disposal, I thought it was a good idea to really learn this beautiful language as it is used today. A dozen weeks at schools spread across the country gave me renewed contact with the grammar and vocabulary. Still, it felt like too much of being in a classroom. What I wanted was to really devote myself to the spoken language and lifestyle that characterizes France.

I found that with Nathalie. Directly when we met at Orly Airport, I felt that this would be a different experience. She opened up the conversation and I found it more easy to follow, than I had thought it would be. With Nathalie I had a perfect conversation partner. I never had the feeling that she adapted her language to my understanding (which of coarse she did) – it was like talking and discussing with a good friend.

A week is not a long time. For me, this week with Nathale meant a big step for my ability to use the French language. I look forward to more of the same.

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