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Nathalie – Edward et Shirley review

Stayed in April 2019

Nathalie - Loiret - Practice Your French in Immersion (Foodie Option)

We decided to sign up for Nathalie’s Foodie Option. One of us speaks some French and the other does not, but we love cooking together, especially French recipes.

The Foodie Option was super. We helped prepare and cook four dinners, and each evening we sat down with Nathalie and our hosts for an apéro and the dinner we had helped to prepare. It was really special that each dinner was prepared with Natalie or different friends of hers in their very own homes. It was a unique experience to be with French people and having a wonderful home-cooked French meal that we had helped prepare. We learned that we were the first to do Nathalie’s new and unique Foodie Option.

The preparation and dinners were all in French, of course, so we learned about new ingredients and utensils and ways of cooking as well as and new dishes. The program worked for our non-french speaking person with just a little help from Nathalie or a family member as needed. Dishes ranged from haute cuisine to comfort food, and each dinner had one or more entrées, a plat, and a dessert. We made tomates farcies, blanquette de veau, crevettes au lait du coco avec de la mangue, roti de magret de canard, soupe de petits pois, and more, all with great wines and conversation.

We also visited nearby Chateau de Sully and with Nathalie. And one day we visited Château de Fontainebleau, not far away, one day on our own before we started to work on dinner.

We cannot recommend the foodie option more highly and found it a unique way to enjoy French cooking as well the privilege of visiting French homes. And Nathalie is a fabulous host!

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