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My memorable week with Nathalie followed two weeks of immersion at other venues and it proved to be a perfect conclusion for my visit from Australia.

I am somewhat challenged in the hearing area – however I found that I could understand virtually everything that Nathalie said to me, the exceptions being those words or expressions with which I was not familiar. Of course, she was speaking to me at a rate which was slower than normal and when she spoke to French friends I was not always able to follow. Her diction is excellent and I learned a lot from her. In addition, the opportunity to speak in French all day is a marvellous aid to making progress along the road to fluency.

Her home is special. Set in spacious grounds, it is a grand old structure – built before the French Revolution. My apartment was comfortable, with everything that I needed. Most of our meals together were at a table outside in an enclosed cobbled courtyard with a statue of Diana alongside and the house itself is filled with all sorts of antique treasures.

Nathalie has a gift of being able to quickly whip up any one of a variety of delicious French dishes.

Thank you Nathalie for that opportunity to share a week of your life. Attached photo is from an evening when friends came to share a meal.

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