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Marion – Susi, Faith & Kiki review

Stayed in 2018

Marion - Beaujolais Wine Country - French Immersion at Teacher's

Immersion with Marion in the small village of Lancie was beyond my expectations. Being a part of a family-immersed in the French language and culture, in a casual atmosphere was the highlight of my trip!

The family is warm, hospitable and friendly. Marion welcomes you with an open heart, as does her Mother, Nicole and brother. We walked most mornings to the tiny market of local foods for fresh breads and other delicacies. We’d all breakfast together and enjoy the start of country day, discussing “the whatevers” of course all in French. We would then explore the area, somewhere different each day (through the vineyards, along the river…), on foot talking of current events, points of view on controversial topics, defending our ideas…Marion would correct our French, as a parent would, so that the conversation would still flow.

There were three of us, yet Marion would remember our individual weaknesses and when we returned home, we would go over these mistakes and learn quickly to correct them.

My French improved immensely and my confidence of speaking grew as well as my fluidity

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