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My wife and I spent a week with Marion in Lancié, although I was the only one studying French. This was my third immersion experience in three weeks, and it was everything that I hoped that it would be. Lancié in a small village in the Beaujolais region.  My other immersion experiences were in more populated regions.  It was a nice relaxing change to spend a week in the country, with chickens and fresh figs in the backyard.  The nearest sizeable city is Macon, about 30 minutes away.  I recommend having a car if you want to go somewhere after lessons and lunch.

Marion is a wonderful teacher.  Despite her young age she has traveled extensively and can draw from a large array of experiences.  I am 70 and Marion and I communicated very well.  After a delicious French breakfast we had a 3-hour lesson.  As other reviews described we had three hours of great conversations on a wide variety of topics and we played games (I’m not a game guy, and I really enjoyed playing Taboo in French). After the lesson Marion made a wonderful lunch, including Beaujolais wine.  So, from 8:30 to about 1:00 it was nonstop French.  During some meals, Marion’s mother and friends joined us.  It was a delight meeting and talking to other very interesting people.  One evening two other friends dropped by, and I was able to converse with them.

We went on excursions to the medieval village of Pérouge, and Marion and I walked up a mountain path to reach a point high above the valley.  It had a fantastic view. I learned that some French actually do drink box wines. My wife and I visited Macon twice (there is a very nice pedestrian shopping area) and had lunch in a lovely local restaurant just 1 mile away from Marion.

My listening and speaking skills improved significantly. I would absolutely recommend Myriam to a friend or come back myself for another week.  When we left Lancié we drove to Paris where we spent 4 nights.  I felt pretty confident talking French in Paris and only a few people switched to English.

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