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The one week French language immersion course that my wife and I spent in June 2019 with Marion and family in Lancie was very welcoming, motivating and relaxing.

Although we live in France close to the Swiss border, we really needed to practice conversational French in a family environment before our naturalisation interview at the Prefecture du Rhone. This was our objective. Marion is a really wonderful, attentive and experienced teacher. She took us gently but firmly through sentence construction using random word cards, and corrected our grammar during the early morning lessons while walking through the vineyards. This is really an excellent way to practice French, and so the conversation flowed just like the Beaujolais wine.

Yes, we also visited a XVth century chateau that produces a good vintage and had an interesting wine tasting session. On another occasion we drove with Marion to Lyon and spent the day enjoying the local history and important sites of the city with our expert. We finally ended up having a delicious meal in one of her favourite restaurants in the old part of the city. My wife really appreciated the family lunchtimes in Lancie with Marion and her mother sharing in the conversation and jokes of our morning’s adventures.

Our confidence in French casual talking and vocabulary has improved greatly during this immersion week and we thoroughly recommend Marion’s method to all.

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