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I traveled from Australia to France with the express purpose of trying to improve my French conversational skills. A week spent with Marion certainly helped me along that path and there were bonuses which made this a most memorable adventure.

I had my comfortable apartment to which I could retire as I wished and where I could cook an evening meal; however, most of my days were spent in the Marion’s company and therefore with the opportunity to converse in French. Breakfast and the midday meal were very tasty and often contained products from the garden – and from the hens.

The morning “lesson” was relaxed and basically was a conversation on a range of topics, with Marion correcting my grammatical errors and supplying vocabulary where necessary. And there were word games which were fun. The weather was perfect, hence we were able to spend this time strolling near vineyards or around the village.

A sensational excursion was to La Roche Solutré. Google it and you will get a sense of its special nature.

I now have valued French friends – Marion and her mother Nicole. They are both people for whom I have great respect and it is my hope that next year I may be able to spend time with them again.

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