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My wife and I moved to a French-speaking country and recognized the need to take intensive French lessons to improve our speaking, listening, writing and overall comprehension skills. To maximise our learning, we felt a one-week homestay in France, immersed in French and spending much of the day working on our French, would be ideal for us. We didn’t know of any programs, so I went online and searched, emailing language institutes but not thrilled at the thought of large class groups and lack of personalized learning. Then I found the French Today website with homestays and thus, Marion.

Marion was easy to communicate with, provided details about the course, and explained the process to us in advance, requesting a self-assessment of our French proficiency to help guide her in preparing for our lessons. Directions were given to find the residence and it was easily located (we drove down from Paris). Marion was at all times very supportive, very professional and kept our lessons moving along each day. The days began with breakfast and French conversation, segueing into French lessons, followed by lunch, more conversation and writing, ending with homework assigned for the next day. Marion kept a ‘diary’ of unfamiliar terms (to  us!) in French and emailed them to us at the end of each day. We also had two outings – one to the local street market in Maçon and one for the day to Lyons, where Marion took the time to help us find French study books in the bookstores and suggested which ones would be most beneficial to us. We also appreciated spending time talking with Marion’s mother, who was very gracious in spending her time  conversing with us (and we loved the two cats, Tarzan and Lily).

The apartment behind the main house where we stayed was clean, comfortable and well-equipped for making meals, relaxing, and doing homework! Overall, we were very happy with our stay and hope to return to study more. We learned a lot. Our French is more fluent, we are  more willing to speak in French, but more importantly our writing and comprehension skills in reading and listening have also improved. We both highly recommend Marion to anybody who is considering studying French intensively via a homestay.

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