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My two-week class with Julie was a complete success, in fact, it way surpassed my expectations.

Julie is an intelligent, responsible, enthusiastic, and friendly teacher. Within a couple of days, she discovered my learning deficiency and difficulties.

Then for the rest of two weeks, she put in her utmost effort to derive special techniques that helped to overcome these difficulties one by one. In the meantime, these techniques improved my fluency in speaking and continued to help me after I returned home.

Julie employed various teaching methods that brought fun to learning French.

Julie went out off her way to prepare delicious breakfast and lunch that satisfied my strict diet – gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. She attended to my sensitivity to pesticides and made sure all food she served or I bought were pesticide free. I was very touched because I know it was not easy to do.

In our exploration of the region, there was always full of excitement and new discovery. I was too early for the lavender, but Julie tried her best for me to see the beautiful fields of poppy and genet, and the interesting medieval towns.

My two-week adventure with Julie was not only in learning the French language but also in discovering French culture and history. It was truly an immersion class.

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