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I just spent a fabulous week with Isabelle improving my French listening skills, pronunciation, and grammar. It was truly an extraordinary time!

She is a generous hostess, an extremely competent teacher, and a very gracious person with her time– inviting me into her world to really apply some practical French with “real” French people.We had our formal lessons each morning, and on more than two afternoons (as promised) she spent time with me showing me various parts of Arcachon, or taking me to dinner with her family and friends.

I had the pleasure of attending one of her yoga classes – thankfully she was gentle on me as I’m a novice! Had the weather cooperated, I’d have also gone kayaking with her friend; alas, il y avait un orage!

She also thoroughly explained the bus system which I took a couple of times to the beach and walkway along the beach. And, she also helped me to make an appointment chez le coiffeur!

Isabelle’s son added a delightful element to the entire experience – reminding me not to speak English with him! A budding professor himself!

Isabelle provides a very comfortable bed (full or queen?) in a more than adequate room, and we shared the same bathroom which never posed any problems.

Her meals were wonderfully healthy and very delicious.I can’t think of any way for her to improve except perhaps to put a small mirror in the bedroom, for I didn’t want to take up more time in the bathroom! Otherwise, all was perfect – anyone will feel comfortable in her home, and certainly improve his or her French skills by spending time with Isabelle.

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