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This summer I decided to have a true language immersion experience while exploring different regions of France. I have always been amazed by the diversity of the country.

The network of French Today teachers allowed me to combine my two objectives – to improve my French and to visit different parts of the country.

Isabelle lives in a lovely and relaxing part of France. If you like seafood you will enjoy staying in Arcachon.

We used videos and audio to improve my oral comprehension and then discussed the content so I could exercise speaking as well. We also read aloud and discussed chapters of a book to give me exercise in pronunciations, melody of the language as well as oral communication.

Exercising multiple skill areas simultaneously has been very useful for me.

We explored the area, such as the highest sand dune in Europe as well as local walking trails while speaking French.

Isabelle also brought me along to a yoga session as well as an event with friends. This allowed me to speak French in a friendly and informal setting.

I would recommend an immersion stay with Isabelle.

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