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I had such a great time with Isabelle! The highlight of my week was when we went on a hiking trip and did some birdwatching with a group of other people, the views were breathtaking and the people were all lovely and being immersed in so much French conversation was very useful.

For me the biggest improvement I noticed was in my understanding, and I think perhaps my learning was inhibited somewhat because I haven’t learnt my verb endings, which is my own fault really.

The kayaking with Isabelle and her partner (who is absolutely lovely and was very patient with my terrible French) was another great experience, and I had a really great time! Also Isabelle’s dogs are super cute and I absolutely fell in love with them.

The food which Isabelle cooked was absolutely delicious to the point where I ate far too much every day, but I think I made up for it with all the walking, kayaking and yoga.

I had a really great time during my week and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!

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