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Having completed only a week for my Immersion with Isabelle in Arcachon, I can say it was well worth the effort.

I was a proper immersion: becoming part of the family of Isabelle and her son doing things together frequently.

The teacher is so important: here, always on time, cheerful, patient and able to get the best from me.The techniques use all the recent technologies with comprehension, videos, recordings, situations to describe (some of which were very funny) and conversation.

Some pronunciation, Isabelle was patient at all times and spoke clearly: an experienced and well trained teacher.

Arcachon is a seaside holiday resort with super facilities. As I arrived in winter these weren’t on offer. However a trip to the Dune Pila, a huge sand dune with a stroll along the beach was a good afternoon. We went also to the Reserve Orthnicologique du Teich at the Bassin d’Arcachon which has a diversity of bird species.I adore sea food, so we visited one of the oyster villages and had the product for dinner!

The apartment was small, 3 bedrooms with a dining sitting room (large tv) and for lessons. My room had a double bed, was quiet and very comfortable. There was a shared bathroom. The small size seemed irrelevant.

My week passed quickly, and I was sorry to go. Isabelle is a professor of yoga, and this option is available (I only watched!)

Also bye bye Max and Malta, two lovely small dogs.

This is an Immersion I recommend strongly.

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