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I’m Zheng from China. I’ve studied in France for several years. Hélène, maybe your futur French teacher, is the first French teacher with whom I make close friend in France. I’m so lucky to have such a friendly, open-minded and easy-going friend like her which make her a very popular figure between my classmates. Learning with her, it’s one of my most memorable experience in my life.

As an excellent linguistique teacher, she has a heart for young people and a caring heart. With her relaxing and also fun teaching method, the most difficult points become a very easy thing. In a word, we learned French through interaction with her in a fun classroom created by her. So it’s not tiring with such a brillant teacher.

This is what I know about Hélène, if you want to know more about French people, culture and of course our star teacher more than I said, please join in our big family and give Hélène an opportunity to talk with you in French.

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