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I had a wonderful week with Hélène and her family in Lyon.

We began our time together with a couple days at their vacation home in the Ardeche region, which was beautiful.  After that, I spent the rest of the week with them at their apartment in Lyon.

Hélène and her family were warm and welcoming, and made the week great:  The food was outstanding, the accommodations were excellent, and the company was convivial… it was a perfect week, and I haven’t even mentioned the language and immersion experience yet…

Hélène is a wonderful teacher… very patient with a great sense of humor.  Her teaching style was perfect for me and I made a great deal of progress in the week I was there.  She combined touring the city in the afternoons with teaching those sites in the mornings before we ventured out, so the immersion was a complete experience, and I got to experience Lyon in a way that would have otherwise been impossible.

Laurent, Manon, Solène, and Kickass (the family dog) were endless fun… what a great family.  They really completed the experience by welcoming me into their family conversations and experiences.  Getting to hear the normal back-and-forth and banter of the family was great training for normal day-to-day French conversation, and they are just a sweet, welcoming family to be around.

It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Hélène and her family to anyone who wants a complete immersion experience.

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