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I have not had the chance to properly thank you for your kind hospitality and patient tuition during my two-weeks stay in Nice.

You are indeed a very effective teacher, experienced in tailoring lessons to students’ needs, and then imparting knowledge at appropriate skill level and pace. For me, a retiree student who started French almost too late in life, who struggled to comprehend spoken words, and who was too inhibited to converse in a foreign tongue, my time with you proved a transformative experience.

Our daily lessons were, for me, intense. Grammar, listening and conversation in equal parts where in each you taught and guided with considerable patience (and perseverance!). Amazingly, I could feel my progress on a daily basis! By the end of term, listening was no longer a jumble of distracting sounds and I was able to discern discrete words (that, understandably, not all were comprehensible to me). And, I had shed much of my inhibitions to speech, grammatical or otherwise. A big thank you, once again!

Away from the classroom, you are a pleasure to be around. Wise counsel as ever, practical and always leading the charge, like, I imagine, Joan of Arc, but with an exhilarating sense of humour! And finally, it remains for me to thank you for your ratatouille recipe that I have yet to put to the test at home in Hong Kong. I will add mushrooms despite your protestations!

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