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I had a wonderful time with you and in Nice. You were very welcoming and hospitable, picking me up at the airport, taking me to lunch and the Rothschild’s Villa, and providing a very convenient, clean studio to stay in. I found Nice to be an excellent and interesting centre for me to prowl around either on foot, bike, bus or train, including up and down the coast.

Despite my (too?) many years of lack of practice in French, you were clear, direct and very supportive. I did not feel at all inhibited or embarrassed but think I became increasingly confident and capable as the week progressed. The grammar lessons were a challenge but very useful and necessary!

My goal for the week was to brush the cobwebs off my knowledge of French and see what really was left there. I was pleased that I had better recall than expected and, more to the point, I enjoyed relearning it too. So, in this, the trip was very successful. My question now is where I go with this – more immersion, more time in French-speaking places – to be determined.

So, overall you provided a very comfortable but actually quite demanding environment to help me greatly improve my confidence in speaking French. I feel I learned a lot of French and got to know a very attractive part of France.

Very many thanks – and apologies for not writing this in French!

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