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I stayed with Françoise for a week of immersion in June. Françoise’s classes were tailored to my level of French competency and she was a brilliant teacher. It was clear that she had taken the time to plan a program that made the best use of the time that we had together and worked on concepts and vocabulary that would be useful to me. Outside of the classes, Françoise also expertly matched her day to day communication to my level of French which made it easier for me to practice my French speaking and comprehension.

Françoise apartment was absolutely beautiful and epitomised the Parisienne chic aesthetic. The food she served was lovely and she was also happy to give recommendations for local restaurants to visit during my free time. We went on walking tours of the Parisian arrondissements and Françoise explained some of the history of certain areas as well as pointed out particularly good shops etc. to visit.

Overall, my week with Françoise was even better than I had hoped. I feel very lucky to have found Françoise and I can’t recommend her immersion program enough.

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