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Francoise was incredible! She was such a wonderful teacher and she made my experience the highlight of my year.

She’s amazing and I know I made so much progress during my time with her. She’s passionate about Paris and knows the city so well. Her apartment is beautiful and in a great location, the neighborhood is vibrant with shops, markets and cafes. With a metro station just a couple blocks away and a bus stop right outside her building, the entire city is easy to navigate!

Francoise encouraged me to speak and listened to my French, then she made sure during each lesson we worked on things I needed help with. She was patient and encouraging while making our lessons fun, and interesting, mixing in French culture and figures from history along with some entertaining stories, she made each lesson a worthwhile experience!

My conversation got better each day as we talked about our days and what we had done during an excursion or what I’d done on my own. It was the perfect mix of very real, useful instruction and then putting the lessons in use during my time in the city.

It rained one day and we were supposed to go to visit a cemetery- way too cold and rainy. She improvised and took me on an adventure to a French auction house! It was a great way to see something VERY interesting and to get used to hearing lots numbers and admiring some museum quality paintings and furniture.  It was a fun, educational and truly unique experience!

Francoise has such a wonderful sense of adventure! Her suggestions for things to do were amazing, she knows what’s going on in the city and what might be different and intriguing for her students!

The two meals per day were always beautifully presented and she is a wonderful cook!

Francoise is truly an incredible teacher, a world traveler, she’s someone with intelligence and a great sense of style. I feel like I made a wonderful friend in Paris and discovered some interesting things off the beaten path, all while improving my French language skills!

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