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I spent a lovely week in the charming “village” of Batignolles with the gracious hostess and teacher Francoise. She was able to tailor her lessons to the level of French I needed, and I felt much more confident in my French ability by the end of the week.

Francoise is a great cook, and a very thoughtful hostess: I mentioned one day that I had enjoyed a particular appetizer when I went out to eat on my own, and she made a special trip to a another district in order to find the same food to cook on another night. Not only did she create an entire menu around the one item, she paired a yummy wine with it as well. I’d like to say I helped with the meal, but really I only spilled some of the sauce and made a mess! Again, Francoise was very gracious about this. I was also fortunate enough to learn from Francoise some traditional French dishes, and I hope to replicate them for my family.

The excursions Francoise planned were extra fun and interesting. I had been to Paris a few times prior, so she created several “off the beaten path” tours to ensure we were exploring new and different areas. I won’t ruin the surprises for her future guests, but I will say that there was one particular location that took my breath away!

I think the bits I enjoyed the most about my stay were learning about the French culture directly from a Parisian. Living in an outer district, and being in an authentic, non-touristic, neighborhood was quite refreshing, and put me in situations where I had to use my French – which was amazing!

I would recommend Francoise to anyone interested in elevating their ability to speak French!

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