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Thank you Evelyne for a wonderful 2 week immersion experience with you, Jean-Pierre and your lovely daughter, Melanie. It was so much more than just the French lessons. Your welcoming hospitality put us at ease instantly, and although I initially found speaking entirely in French quite confronting, it was so rewarding because I gained confidence with each day.

Greg and I loved the outings with both you and Jean-Pierre, and with your friend Martine. We feel we saw and learned so much about your beautiful Bayonne region and its history, your way of life, food and family, including your very special pets whose names I cannot spell !!

Lots of laughter, friendship, conviviality, and consideration of our needs. A special thanks to Jean-Pierre for rescuing us from the train in the middle of the night on our return journey from La Rochelle. This was so kind and beyond our expectations.

In short, you are a very generous family and I would highly recommend your immersion stay to any student who wants a truly warm and enriching French language experience.

Thank you for the memories.

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