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I had been looking forward to my course with Evelyne in Anglet, in the Pays-Basque, and I’m so pleased to say that my expectations were more than met. Evelyne and her husband Jean-Pierre, and their daughter Melanie, gave me a very warm welcome, fed me extremely well and taught me a lot of French.

My weaknesses were my spoken French and my lack of confidence, and the course was ideal for helping me improve them. Evelyne was very good at spotting my errors in grammar, sentence construction, and pronunciation, not only in the two-hourly lessons in the morning, but during the long chats over the meals which we shared with Jean-Pierre, and during the talk that took place while Evelyne, or her friend Martine, showed me some of the many places of interest in the Pays-Basque. Then, during the lessons Evelyne would explain where I was going wrong and help me to correct my faults, so I could speak with a new fluency. This improvement was helped by the fact that only French was spoken throughout the week, so by the end of it I gained in confidence as I found it very easy to talk to Evelyne and Jean-Pierre and I stopped worrying so much about making mistakes My comprehension has improved by leaps and bounds.

I am now trying to organise my life so I can go back for a week or two as soon as possible next year.

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