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I spent two weeks with Evelyne and her family (husband Jean Pierre, daughter Melanie, and well loved family cat and dog). I thoroughly enjoyed the french immersion experience.

Evelyne’s home is well situated and set up for immesion. The house is located in Angelet very close to Biarritz and Bayone, and close to other Basque towns, and public transport is easy to use for a bit of independent exploration. Evenlyne and her family made me feel welcome and they had a bedroom set up with an ensuite so I could enjoy the family and also take time to study or rest on my own.

We did speak french the whole time I was there and that really helped to develop my skills. I also had two hours of instruction each morning. Evelyne is very skilled at one to one instruction; she quickly honed into my more serious errors and tailored the instruction to grammar which is what I really needed. I left with a usable grammatical framework and more confidence to speak.

Food and eating was an important part of the program. I got to try basque food and really appreciated the home cooking and wine with dinner. We spent quite a bit of time around the dinner table eating and conversing. It was a struggle for my french but Evelyne and her family were patient with me and we were able to discuss current events, french and basque traditions and things people commonly talk about during meals.

Two afternoons a week, Evelyne took me out to introduce me to towns in the basque region and of course to practice french. I even had a bike tour with Jean Pierre which was a nice introduction to Biarritz.

If you are looking for a welcoming place to speak french, I would recommend a visit to to chez Evelyne and Jean Pierre.

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